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Núria Pié is a Spanish Artist. Or should we say a Catalan Artist to be precise. After a complete education in Arts, she dedicated herself to one of the most noble arts: Ceramic. As a magician, she creates amazing things from simple ideas. And when the idea becomes true in ceramic, the result is purely beautiful.
In a world where electronics are everywhere and that every single object has now a WiFi connection on it, Ceramic objects are rare. While Google tries to build an electronic world, Artists like Núria Pié tries to make you remember about the beauty of things and that probably you do not need all the time an electronic device to make the magic happens. And this is the purpose of her new creation: the Alta Phone.

The Alta Phone is a very original project. It is all about Low-Tech and the beautiful simplicity of it. When you bought your Smartphone, you realized you could replace your MP3 player with it (among other things). But the problem is the sound. The embedded speakers are not powerful enough. So a new market was created: the Sound Dock stations. Several brands like Bose, Philipps, Samsung… Proposed their own stations. It can charge your Smartphone and play music from
It. Most of the time these stations are not really portable or even nice to have in your living room or bedroom.
Núria Pié found a nice solution to this. By getting inspired with the beginning of music and the first amplifiers, the Alta Phone uses the best of multiple disciplines. It does dot use electricity and it is a magnificent object to have. Sometimes, simple ideas are the best ones.
If you wish to learn more about Núria Pié and the Alta Phone, you can check the Artist website:
Beautiful things always happen for a reason.

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