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World-renowned super designer Philippe Starck has just revealed two highly-anticipated wind turbine designs for home use!

The “Revolutionair” turbines will be “revolutionary” in that they are designed for domestic use by homeowners. That means that ordinary individuals can put them in their yards, gardens or on roofs to generate power for their households. The clear quadrangular 400W WT model has a power output of 400W and the helicoidal 1KW WT one will be able to generate 1 KW of power.
The designer turbines will be produced by Italy’s Pramac and will sell for around 2,500 euros (quadrangular) and 3,500 euros (helicoidal).
“We have to help people to produce energy, to be part of the fight,” Starck said at the unveiling in Milan. “Energy should not be a punishment, we should create a desire (among people to produce it).”