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When it comes to color in fashion, it’s fairly safe to say that all the prime colors make an appearance year after year. It is the shades that make a season, however, which is why you will see various shades that just seem to rule the runway year after year. There will always be pink, for example, but will it be more of a pastel, baby blush pink, or a vibrant millennial pink?

The color opportunities are endless, and the reason why all fashion-forward folk should follow what colors are trending at the moment is that shades come and go. If you love the latest red showcased on the catwalk, then you need to go out and invest in that shade because next season it might be a more plum red that rules the fashion world.

Without further ado, here are the hottest color trends of 2019 that you need to invest in before they leave.

1.    Neon Green

Neon was possibly one of the biggest color trends of 2019, but the biggest and most popular of the neon’s on the catwalks was definitely green. Neon green is bright, loud, and the perfect way to rock your inner pop-punk princess you’ve been dying to let out. Pick up your favorite neon jacket and style it down with some of the more neutral colors of the season for a great look that will help you stand out.  


2.    Princess Blue

Pastels are a common occurrence for the SS shows, which is why we are in love with the deep princess blue that made waves. This magnificent color also compliments Turmeric, another color on this list, exceptionally well.

3.    Ballet Pink

Pastels cannot be omitted from the list entirely, however, which is why one of our favorites to grace the SS19 shows was ballet pink. This soft, nude-toned plush was a welcome addition to the world of neutrals and can be paired with similar shades for an elegant monochrome look, or be used to tone down brighter colors we saw on the runways.


4.    Living Coral

Moving on from the pastels is living coral, a beautiful shade between orange and pink that is an instant brightener to any outfit.

5.    Fiesta Red

For a bright, intense red that you haven’t seen, turn to fiesta red. This color is exactly what it says on the tin, and is a passionate, exciting addition to your wardrobe and the perfect color for summertime fiestas. Not just for summer, however, this shade is ideal to brighten up an Autumn/Winter wardrobe, with the addition of a red arctic parka jacket from, for example, in your closet. 

6.    Turmeric

Turmeric is the new mustard, and great to pair with similar shades of browns and reds, or contrasted with bright blues.


7.    Sweet Corn

For another neutral essential, turn to sweet corn this summer. This is a brighter natural than you are used to, and the perfect way to compliment the rest of colors this spring. The perfect way to add a touch of feminine romanticism to any outfit.

Prime colors may never leave, but the exact shades do. So if you love the look of sweet corn, or just must have the fiesta red, then head on out and invest in the pieces while they last.

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