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High-end interior design is all about luxury, the latest trends, beauty and personalization. The best luxury interior designers work with their clients to get them exactly what they want, to match the tone and spirit they dream of for their spaces. But these designers also play the important role of inspiring others. Anyone can take ideas from luxury design and make them their own. Here are some of the best designers working in the industry today, who we love and know will keep inspiring us in the coming years. 

Mark Zeff


A native of South Africa, but now based in Brooklyn, New York, this established designer is creating masterpieces for impressive clients. He has designed interiors for photographer Annie Leibovitz and actors Gabriel Byrne and Hilary Swank, among others. Zeff has been designing for decades, but he is more relevant now than ever. He recently revived the trend of black barns in the Hamptons, traditional structures with stunning modern interiors. 

Philippe Cramer


Cramer is a Swiss-American designer and artist who focuses on creating stunning pieces for interior spaces. He recently showed a collection at Art Geneva, showcasing some of his best work. He is known for high-end designs for luxury clients. Some examples include a walnut bench studded with crystals, sculptural lamps that reference modern art, and tables in iridescent materials. 

Kati Curtis


Some of the best luxury designers in the world are in New York City, and that includes Kati Curtis. She specializes in modern interiors and, more important to luxury buyers than ever, sustainability. She is one of the few designers in the city certified to design eco-friendly, healthy and sustainable spaces. Her designs have included spaces for wealthy, international owners and many that have won her awards. 

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard

This L.A.-based designer has an impressive resume of clients and spaces. He has designed commercial spaces for Hollywood Film Works and Capitol Records. Lawrence-Bullard has also worked for Kylie Jenner, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Tommy Hilfiger, Edward Norton, Eva Mendes and many other celebrities. His sought-after design aesthetic is known for eclecticism. He combines vintage and new pieces, merging modern and traditional also including design elements from places all over the world. 

Michael Wolk


Miami is another hotspot for luxury interior design, led by Michael Wolk. He has been designing in the city for years and is most well-known for his luxury commercial designs. Some of his work includes the Yacht Club, the Royal Polo Hotel, the W Hotel, Altis Little Havana and Flagler Corporate Center. Wolk’s firm also works for select high-end clients and has won many awards. These include the Good Design Award, the IDA Awards First Place in Home Interior Products and Woodworking Network Best in Wood. 

Victoria Hagan


Hagan is a New York City designer known for restrained elegance. Think old money. Her designs are regularly listed in industry magazines. Her firm has worked on historic Manhattan townhomes, ranches in Aspen, Colorado, and the official Washington D.C. residence of the U.S. Vice President. Hagan also designs a line of luxury and classic American furniture and fabrics. 

Tom Kundig


The owner of Olson Kundig design firm, this Seattle-based designer works with luxury spaces but gives them a raw edge. He is known for leaving materials in their natural state and by combining natural elements with high-end luxurious pieces. He is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best designers and has won awards, including the Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum’s National Design Award for Architecture. 

These designers not only inspire home decoration but also careers. Learning to become an interior designer requires a good education in art and design, training from those experienced in the field and certification. To become the best takes hard work and experience, but interior design is a great creative career to which many people aspire. 

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