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Next Saturday, October 3rd 2015, the entire city of Lausanne will meet at Place de la Riponne. They will discover the city in a way they have never imagined. Is the fountain of Place de la Riponne inhabited? Why there are fallows in city spaces? Is Lausanne a great place for living for Plants, insects and other little bugs? Tantalize your naturalist side and slip into the shoes of a scientist specialized in natural sciences. L’Eprouvette, the public laboratory of Lausanne University proposes to conduct scientific experiments in the heart of the city, and to dialogue with researchers to discover how research contributes to biodiversity.

To celebrate the 200 years of the Academy of Sciences (SCNAT), l’Eprouvette and other players in natural sciences in the region offer scientific activities in the heart of Lausanne. It is for free and all audiences. LuxuryActivist by being a Swiss blog, needed to highlight it.

“Belles plantes, bêtes à six pattes et autres lausannois insoupçonnés”  #EprouvetteRL

Saturday 3 October 2015, 9h00-15h00 / Place de la Riponne, Lausanne.

Lausanne is an amazing hub for technology, research and natural sciences. Within the University (UNIL) and the Federal Polytechnic School (EPFL), there are thousands of people, students and researches that work everyday to make our world a better place.
At UNIL, several initiatives exist and one of them is L’Eprouvette.

L’Eprouvette, the public laboratory of UNIL proposes practical activities to learn about the techniques used in biology labs. These workshops in small groups are also an opportunity to discuss with scientists, research issues and applications in daily life. You can organize a series of workshops for different people:

  • Students 
  • Family and Friends
  • Birthdays
  • Colleagues
  • Members of an association

You can discover the world around through hands-on activities and experiments in order to be informed about several questions in Science and Society that affect us all.



So, if you are around in Lausanne, do not hesitate to visit Place de la Riponne and learn much more about a different facet of Lausanne that you definitely did not know.



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