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The Lucerne Festival is an international music festival of classical music in Lucerne. It is one of the most prestigious festivals and attracts international artists from all over the world to Lucerne. Classical music is timeless and probably one of the most universal type of music.

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 The first edition took place in 1938 and its story became year after year almost a legend. In deed, the world famous italian conductor, Arturo Toscanini, put in place an elite orchestra specially assembled for the occasion. Renowed soloists, talented chamber musicians, the Busch quartet and many ranks were filled with gifted musicians from the Suisse Romande orchestra. The aim was to being able to listen to masterpieces in a period of time that was not really very optimistic as the war was all around.

For many years the Lucerne festival increased its reputation and today it gathers more than 120,000 visitors every year. The organization also changed as now the festival split in different moments, starting in Easter and continuing throughout summer until november. In 75 years of festival, many amazing musicians, singers and composers passed by Lucerne. It is one of the most prestigious appointment in all classical music lovers in the world.


In 1995, the french architect Jean Nouvel got the mission to build an amazing building that would gather an Art museum, a cultural center and a concert hall. The building was ready in 2000 and every year people can enjoy the amazing acoustic characteristics of the main concert hall just by the beautiful Lucerne lake.


Lucerne Festival is legally a foundation since 1970. The overall budget is about 25 million Swiss francs. There are 30 people working at the festival staff.

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Let yourself experience a great moment in Lucerne during this amazing festival.

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