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It’s finally summer, which means we’re officially in wedding season! Recently we’ve seen the much-anticipated wedding of Prince Harry to his gorgeous American bride Meghan Markle. While we all looked on in awe (and a little jealousy) at Meghan’s elegant dress, and her natural, understated hair and makeup, I was also keen for a glance at her nails!

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In keeping with royal protocol and tradition, Meghan opted for a classic nude polish with purple undertones.  She looked flawless and exemplified the fairytale princess. Now brides everywhere will be keeping their eyes peeled for emerging trends and inspiration for their own wedding nails. Here are some ways you can make an impact with your nails on the happiest day of your life! See more nude polishes here.

Sexy and Sultry

Who says you can’t be graceful AND sexy on your wedding day?! Red often gets overlooked for weddings for being too flashy, and many brides will avoid such an audacious color, but red is not only a power color, it’s also widely regarded as the color synonymous with love and romance! Show your devotion (and your wild side) with this statement color!

Bright and Bold


Perfect for a sun drenched beach destination wedding, coral will beautifully offset the colour of your dress, whether it’s true white, eggshell or ivory! Switch it up by adding small details to a few nails, like a small flower painted on your wedding finger. You’ll be rocking Hawaiian vibes on your special day!

Classic and Chic


There’s a reason this style has withstood the test of time! Sophisticated and sweet, these nails will always be a winner. If you want a daring variation of this elegant style, swap your white tip for a shade of pink. You’ll be changing up the norm, whilst remaining soft and charming.

Alternative and Adventurous


You will truly stand out with sable-tipped fingers! Personally, I love the age old combination of black and white, and the juxtaposition of an angelic white dress and dramatic black nails will show your wild personality. If you’re edgy and a little bit sassy, this is the shade for you.

Warm and Wonderful


I know what you’re thinking, brown doesn’t immediately scream “wedding”, but I’m here to change your mind. A color often disregarded when it comes to nail polish, a soft chocolate or cinnamon tone will stand out against a gorgeous creamy dress. Perfect for autumn or winter nuptials!

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