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The Monaco Yacht Show is the place to showcase new and exciting yachtie technologies, and with diving an established yachting hobby it’s no surprise that this year’s show was filled with tools to help us dive better. After all, when you buy or charter a luxury yacht, it’s not just the boat that you want – it’s the entire lifestyle. And for anyone who’d like to up their watersports game, a little help from gadgets can go a long way. With that in mind, we trawled Port Hercules to bring you three of the best diving tenders & toys Monaco Yacht Show 2018 had to offer.

Discover our favourite new diving tenders & toys – Monaco Yacht Show 2018 delivered some amazing finds…

1. An underwater scooter to thrust you into the deep

The SEABOB is a diver’s best friend, propelling you to great depths with minimal effort. Crafted from precious metals which are resistant to saltwater, this innovative range of submarine thrusters allows you to move like our ocean-dwelling friends, speeding through the water and providing some great opportunities for capturing underwater imagery.


Using an energy-efficient environmentally-friendly electric motor, this impressive toy can take you up to 40 metres deep at a top speed of 20km. At the Monaco Yacht Show, we discovered the range of SEABOBS including the low-weight F5, the ultra-high performance F5 S and the most powerful of all, the F5 SF. The range begins at €8,000.

2. This year’s must-have diving watch

The show’s sponsor Ulysses Nardin came up trumps with its special Monaco Yacht Show Diver Chronometer watch, a vision in titanium and rose gold. This new toy is the perfect combination of practical meets beautiful, promising water resistance all the way down to 300m. This makes it a great accessory for freedivers, who like to travel with as little equipment as possible but always need to keep track of their time in the water.


On sale for 12,000 CHF, the watch is more expensive than Ulysses Nardin’s usual pieces, but for the exquisite design and the cachet of carrying this latest creation it’s worth it. However, as it’s a limited edition there are only 100 pieces available, so if you want it you’d better move fast.

3. A top-of-the-line tender to take you to your next diving spot

For reaching those harder to reach diving spots, it’s time to dismount from the yacht and hop onboard a tender. And if you’re diving with a group of friends, have limited time to get from A to B, or simply love jetting around on a powerful tender, look no further than the new Brabus Shadow 800.


Regarded as one of the most exciting tenders & toys Monaco Yacht Show 2018 had on display, the 11.2-metre Shadow 800 is an ultra-fast, ultra-luxurious day boat, with speeds of 50 knots and a beautifully sleek design. The vessel has room for 12 guests onboard, and each boat can be highly personalised to the owner. What’s more, if you are lucky enough to get one of the 20 collector’s edition tenders (as on display at the show), your purchase will come with a Garmin Quatix 5 marine watch that can control the Shadow’s autopilot function. Prices start at €397,500.

So that’s it for this year’s round up of the best diving tenders & toys – Monaco Yacht Show 2018 definitely did not disappoint. Next step: trying them out in the water! We’ll see you out there…

Colette Flowerdew-Kincaid

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