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This year, make a grand entrance to your holiday parties with a festive look that’s sure to have you feeling confident and ready to celebrate. Whether you’re planning to attend a large company Christmas gala or a small gathering for New Year’s, there are many different looks that can instantly transform your ensemble into something that spreads more cheer. Here are 10 festive fashion trends to add to your outfit this year at your holiday parties.

1. Sequins


There’s no better time of year than the holidays to add a little bit of shimmer to your dress. Try wearing something adorned with sequins this season. A shimmery top or a short skirt that sparkles could be a great way to add a little bit of fun to your outfit for a party. There are a few rules to follow when wearing sequins, such as less is more. Head to toe sparkles is not as stunning as one signature piece that shines.

2. Tulle

Next, try incorporating something romantic in your look this year. One easy way to add the romance to your getup is with gorgeous tulle. This elegant material is most often associated with weddings and formal dances, but you can also wear a shorter, more casual tulle skirt to this year’s holiday gathering. Pair your skirt with a simple top to complete your look.

3. Plaid

Another great choice for your holiday parties this year is a festive plaid. A rich plaid in dark colors, like red, black, green, or gray, can give your look a classic elegance. Plaid works best for holiday parties when you use it in your skirt pattern or have a dress with this look. The cut of your dress or skirt is also important, so be sure to choose something smart and chic.

4. Gold

gold-fashion-trends-kate-moss  gold-fashion-trends

There’s no better time of year to bring out your best golden accessories and clothing choices than Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Wearing gold is a smart choice as long as you do it right. Choose your gold pieces carefully, and partner something like a gold blouse with a simple, neutral skirt or pair of pants. Knowing how to wear gold can help you understand what it takes to give yourself that golden glow during the big event.

5. Red

Red is another big color that is a great choice during this time of year. Red can make anyone’s outfit instantly upscale and festive. Try a gorgeous red dress that matches the beautiful poinsettia flower that is so popular this season.

6. Velvet

Fabric is another important thing to consider when planning your holiday outfit. Velvet is something that is difficult to wear during other times of the year, but it’s smooth and lush texture is perfect for the holidays. Consider wearing a velvet blazer over a simple pair of slacks and a sleeveless top to give it some instant holiday spirit.

7. Feathers

A few feathered accessories can truly give your look some new dimension this holiday season. Choose something tasteful and simple, like a purse adorned with black feathers or a skirt lined with silky plumes to get the most from this fashion choice.

8. Silver

Continue your quest to sparkle with pieces in a silver hue. You can pair a fashionable black dress with silver accessories, like pumps, a purse, and jewelry, or you can choose to theme your entire look in silver. A shimmery silver dress could be the perfect choice for you to stand out at your company’s gathering this season.

9. Straps

Even though it’s chilly this time of year, you should still consider wearing something with straps to increase your look’s sophisticated style. You could try a chic strappy dress for ultimate elegance, or you could dress up your usual blouse and slacks with some smart strappy-heels from online fashion store Tobi.

10. Pearls

Finally, look for pieces that use pearls to put yourself in the mood for a festive celebration. That could mean picking some pretty pearl accessories, like necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to finalize your look, or you could look for dresses and shirts that are lined with pearls in the fabric. Either way, you’ll have something that is bright and merry for your big event.

Holiday parties are a great excuse to get together and show off your greatest fashions. Choose bright, bold, and festive looks to bring more of the holiday spirit to your friends, family members, and co-workers this year.

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