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Believe it or not, that tiny baby you carried home in your arms seemingly last week is now a bright, fun and only occasionally argumentative teenager. With their big birthday around the corner, you’re starting to plan an epic Sweet 16 party and shopping for an unforgettable gift to mark this milestone birthday. With this in mind, check out the following three gift ideas, which any newly minted 16-year-old would be thrilled to receive.

Chevrolet Camaro

No Sweet 16 gift list would be complete without mentioning a new car. Your son or daughter will probably be getting their license soon after their birthday, and you would love to hand your teen keys to a shiny new vehicle. A great choice is the Chevy Camaro; this sports car looks great, has a powerful engine that can help your new driver get through heavy traffic with ease, and it gets fairly decent gas mileage. The Camaro is also celebrating its own milestone birthday — 50 years to be exact — with a special edition package that boasts unique colors, stylish interior details and other features your teen is sure to love. And since safety is utmost on your mind as the parent of a new driver, the Camaro will not disappoint; it has eight standard airbags, a rearview camera with rear park assist, side blind zone alert with lane change alert and rear cross traffic alert — all great safety perks for your teen.

A MacBook Pro

As you know quite well, teens love technology and anything with a screen. The MacBook Pro is a high-quality laptop that your son and daughter should be able to take to college with them in a couple of years. Spring for the 15-inch version; its large screen size is ideal for watching movies and videos, and it comes in uber-cool looking space gray or silver. The 2.8GHz quad-core 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor means the computer will have the power and speed necessary to research homework assignments and other projects for school, as well as not slow down when your teen is watching Netflix or perusing social media. The 256GB of storage Radeon Pro 555 with 2GB memory holds a decent amount of data, and the laptop has the user-friendly touch bar and touch ID that Apple is known for.

A Special New Experience

Another wonderful way to celebrate your 16-year-old’s birthday is with the opportunity to make amazing memories together. This is an especially great idea if you feel your teen already has a lot of “stuff.” Think about what your teen loves to do, or has expressed an interest in trying, and go from there. If your kiddo is on the adventurous side, a trip to an out-of-town zip-lining location would be a blast. Or maybe a vacation to a ski resort where he or she can have snowboarding lessons along with some new gear. Teens who adore fashion could be treated to a weekend out of town and tickets to a runway show. If you want to up the “cool parent” factor a bit, invite their BFF to come along; you can either join in the fun and try zip-lining too or cheer the teens on from the sidelines.

Turning 16 is a momentous occasion, worthy of a big celebration and an extra-special gift. Any of these suggestions will fit the bill, and help your precious teen enjoy his or her wonderful day.


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