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Let’s face it. One of our biggest desires as human beings is to have great looks. That’s why we spend a good deal of our money on clothes, shoes, hairstyles, body lotions, and anything that could spruce up our appearance. So, if you’re wondering; as a man, how can you be the best version of yourself? Well, it only takes a few tweaks here and there. Here are my top tips on how to own your look. 

1. Try a New Hairstyle

The hairstyle you choose can go a long way in spiffing you up. While a short trim is seen as the simplest way to cut it, it’s a fine choice for those who want to come out simple and sleek. Regardless of the nature of your hair, several short haircuts will look good on you including the Buzzcut, Caesar cut, Classic Pompadour, Crew cut, and Low Fade. 


Not a fan of short hair? Well, some long hairstyles can also make you look trendy. From manes that plunge over the lower back to shoulder scrapes, long hair is still fashionable. Whether your hair is curly, thick or thin, the following hairstyles can also give you that eye appealing look:

  • Slick back
  • Long textured waves
  • Man bun
  • Half-up
  • Dreadlocks
  • Long undercut
  • Mohawk

Anyway, to get your desired hairstyle done, take a photograph of it to your barber. Alternatively, you can learn to trim and do it yourself. And if you opt for a self-cut, this list of the best cordless hair clippers by is a good place to start. 

2. Spruce Up Your Wardrobe

Let’s face it. Wearing fitting clothes is a fundamental step towards boosting your looks. Nicely fitting trousers and shirt will give you a sharp, sleek look. This is unlike cladding in ill-fitting clothes that not only look off but also expose your poor dressing skills.

To get the right size of clothes, you have to know your size first. With the right size in mind, getting well-fitting outfits from a clothes store won’t be a hassle. Moreover, this will save you a great deal of time when you visit the boutique, right?

3. Work towards Getting Healthy and Fit


Health and fitness form an imperative part of looking good. It doesn’t matter how expensive you dress or which hairstyle you rock; if you don’t look healthy, you won’t look good. It’s that simple. 

When you exercise, you burn excess fat on the surface and pack tons of lean muscle. Besides, exercising gives you better skin, slows down the aging process, and boosts your confidence. So, engage in at least an hour of physical exercise every day. 

This doesn’t have to be so immense though. Light jogs, slow runs, skipping and even swimming will definitely do the trick. And if you want to make your workouts even more fun, here are a few awesome exercising tips that might come in handy.

4. Come Up With a Skincare Routine

When you use only water and bar soap for skincare, there’s one thing you forget: The skin sheds dead cells that need to be gotten rid of. If left on the surface, they can cause pimples, acne, and other skin complications. This isn’t good for anybody – let alone one craving looks. But, luckily, with a skincare routine, you can keep all that at bay.

The first thing to do is to determine your skin type. Skin types include: Normal, dry/sensitive, oily, or combination skin. Once you’re sure of your skin type, get a cleanser that’s specifically designed for it. Cleanse your skin at least thrice a week. To get exceptional results, use toning pads. They are best used after cleansing to remove any speck of dirt that was left untouched. That way, your pores will remain clean and clog-free; giving you smooth and healthy skin. 

Nice and easy, right? So, that’s everything you need to know about sprucing up your look. Obviously, it doesn’t take much. And take it from me; these four tips can work miracles for you. Try them.

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