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Fur jackets are sweeping the nation as an alternative to large and bulky coats. But what if you aren’t sure which jackets are the hottest and trendiest? Or what if you know what you’re looking for but aren’t sure where to start your search? What you will quickly notice as you look on the internet is there are many interesting options that are available. Choosing between them can be tricky since you will definitely see many fur jackets for the holidays that you are not going to appreciate much. With this in mind, let’s help you get the search started right. Here are just a few fur jackets for women that are sure to make your holidays bright. We are confident in saying that you are going to appreciate some of them since they appeal to different personal tastes.

1- EM-EL Black Sheared Mink and Chinchilla Fur Jacket

Give yourself a striking silhouette with this fur coat from EM-EL. In addition to its dramatic cut, it also uses silver fur for the cuffs and collars of its black body, offering a really interesting visual appeal. This color scheme gives the entire piece a gorgeous contrast that will look incredible with light and dark outfits alike. Don’t be afraid to experiment! You can obviously go out-of-the box and try your own combinations.

2- Mary McFadden Ranch Mink Bomber Fur Jacket

Banded cuffs and a blouson border make this jacket a hot seller among the fur crowd and can even convince those that never tried them to experiment. It’s stylish enough to make a statement but plain enough that it can be paired with your existing wardrobe, so it’s simply flying off the shelves as this season’s must-have accessory. While a bomber fur jacket is not especially what you would consider, you want to think about it, no matter the holidays.

3- Chalue Electric Blue Chinchilla Fur Jacket

Wear something completely different with this one-of-a-kind jacket, a lovely fur jacket that is like no other on the market today. Not only is it a shocking, dazzling blue masterpiece, but it also has horizontal striping and a stand-up collar for maximum style. If you’re tired of looking like everyone else at the party, try <i>this</i> jacket on for size. You will be a hit at the party. It is a guarantee.

4- EM-EL American Lynx Fur Jacket

Is there anything more luxurious than the feeling of lynx against your skin? It’s so soft that it will make you think of clouds when it brushes against your cheek and neck, and what’s more, it will look just as stunning as it feels. Its multi-colored pattern has to be seen to be believed. That is what allows the fur jacket to be combined with a multitude of possible outfits, one more stunning than the other. You are just restricted by your imagination in this case.

5- EM-EL Ranch Mink and Swakara Embroidered Fur Jacket

Already rich with mink fur and detailed embroidery, this fur jacket also comes with a designer belt that can be cinched around the waist to give yourself an hourglass figure. Who wouldn’t want to be in the center of attention because of a really lovely figure? Wear it with a gown; throw it over a blouse; pair it with tights, skirts, shawls and hats as you desire. Everything is going to look perfect.

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