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There is no better time to shop for the best bikinis than right now. The latest collections are out and you can easily find the best, trendiest pieces for this summer. On top of that, you will also be able to enjoy the best special offers and off-season discounts on high-end bikinis and accessories for the summer.


Before you start browsing through catalogues of designer bikinis, however, let’s take a closer look at some of the best styles and options to consider. These are the top bikini trends to anticipate in 2017.

Classy One-Piece and Tankinis

It easy to get tempted by sexy two-piece bikinis and open cuts, especially once you have applied the tips and tricks we covered when talking about the top models’ body mass indexes in a previous article. Saying that, going for two-piece bikinis is not always a good idea. Instead, search for classy one-piece bikinis that still reveal some skin in all the right spots. You can also take a closer look at collections of tankinis and designer bathing suits from top names such as Cole of California.

There are reasons why tankinis will be making a big comeback this season. First of all, the available pieces combine a gorgeous top with a sexy bottom for that very flattering silhouette. This type of swimwear can flatter any body shape. To make it even better, tankinis can be mixed and matched with other fashion accessories for different occasions. Attending a casual party at the beach? Add a nice scarf or skirt and you can easily jump into to the pool whenever the party gets going.

Halter Bikinis

If you really want to show off those lovely curves you’ve been working on for a while, then halter bikinis are the pieces you need to pick up for the season. Halter bikinis were creating headlines during Miami Swim Week, with gorgeous designs from brands such as Kai Lani being the centerpieces of the show. Stick with neutral colors and let your body shine with the right bikini. A white halter top with a matching bottom can really help you achieve that classy yet sexy look. You can also experiment with other calm colors such as nude and black. Don’t forget to choose simpler pieces with fewer accents to complete the look.

Speaking of colors…


Go with Nude

No, we’re not suggesting you go completely nude for the summer holiday. We’re talking about the color nude; that distinct blend of chocolate and cream that matches the tone of your skin almost perfectly. There are a number of pieces that incorporate this color beautifully, including one-piece swimwear from Hot-As-Hell and a lovely pair of laced bikinis by Casa Indah.

Nude will be a big hit this summer. We saw designers experiment with bright and bold colors last year. As with many fashion trends, the cycle is making natural colors such as black, white, grey and of course nude the next choices to go for.



As the title suggests, this summer is the time to be classy and sexy. You will be able to show off that gorgeous silhouette of yours in a better way by actually covering more skin than last summer. Take a closer look at the latest swimwear collections and you will spot cutouts in many of the pieces. Cutouts, especially those combined with sheer or lace, are gorgeous. A sheer cutout one-piece bikini that accentuates the shape of your hips and the color of your skin will help you achieve a very sexy look. For the ultimate result, you can also find laced bikinis that combine the two pieces with beautiful patterns.

Here’s a tip to keep in mind when choosing one-piece bikinis with cutouts: make sure you focus your attention on the shoulder and neckline. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when shopping for bikinis this season is going for a piece that doesn’t really flatter the shape of your shoulders and neck. For those with relatively broad shoulders, experimenting with one-shoulder pieces is a good idea. Going for a set of halter bikinis, however, will only make your shoulders appear bigger and it’s rather unflattering.

Now that you know some of the trends to anticipate this summer, you can start shopping for the best pieces to wear this summer. Keep these tips in mind and you will find the best bikinis to wear on your exciting summer days, along with the best deals on them, without a problem.


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