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After Japan, finally Elle will open a Elle Café in Paris. In deed Lagardere Group opened 2 Elle Café in Japan. One in Fukuoka and another one in Tokyo a while ago. It was a crossroad between a tea room and a fashion library. The finest teas would blend with the perfect macarons. All of it surrounded by Elle Magazines. It is feminine, modern, minimalistic New York style.

Elle Café

It is suppose to be true ambassadors of the Art of french living. And in Japan, the concept works very well. A way to be more into urban lifestyle yet elegant and fashionable.

Macarons Elle Café

In Paris, it will be a new adventure. It will be launched before the end of the year. The Lagardère Group said they are still finalizing contracts but several cross information tend to confirm that the address will be located between the 1st and the 8th area in Paris. So very Rive Droite. There are no longterm vision yet for this project but apparently if the concept works in Paris, others will follow. There are main cities in the world that would welcome this Café concept very well like Dubai or Sâo Paulo.

The concept of fashionable Cafés is not new. Courrèges already had the concept for more than 10 years. Like the Café Blanc Courrèges Rue François 1er in Paris.

Café blanc Courrèges

Courrèges Café

Elle Café in Paris will be managed directly by Lagardère. They will collaborate with Elle Deco and Elle Maison. This collaboration will give the spirit of the place. More news to come about this new trendy destination.

Elle Magazine Café Paris

Elle Mag Café


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