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Nothing makes or breaks an outfit like the way shoes do. Great shoes are an investment in every woman’s wardrobe and careful consideration should be taken before purchasing a pair. The modern woman is a smart buyer. She has identified the value of owning a great pair of shoe that is good for overall foot health and offer value for money. Buying shoes is no longer on impulse but rather after careful analysis of the wardrobe and deciding what shoes favor a majority of the outfits.

When footwear brands design shoes, they do it with style and functionality in mind. This is however not true for high fashion run-ways explaining the existence of eight-inch heels which are loved by those who can comfortably walk in heels. Shoes of whatever design or shape need to serve a purpose in a woman’s closet. No one wants to buy a thousand pairs of shoes to match each outfit they own. This is not only bad for the environment but doesn’t make any economic value hence comes in Italian shoes!


With the current times and trends, Italian shoes have become an addiction to many fashionistas. Italy is known for its long-standing tradition in quality products and the use of authentic materials to manufacture opulent products. It’s a country that has given birth to many legendary Italian shoes designers that are world-renowned, a notable figure being Edgardo Osorio and his brand Aquazzura. This luxury footwear brand is praised as exquisite and timeless shoes catering to women of all ages. There are three fundamental guidelines that Italian shoe manufacturers standby in making sure they produce ornate fashion shoes women love;


Throughout the centuries, leather has been the primary material for manufacturing Italian shoes; this isn’t to say that other products aren’t in use. Leather has been the preferred option for shoes mainly due to its durability and flexibility. Italian leather, when compared with others, is made to last not forgetting that Italians are very good tanners. Leather is versatile and tear-proof with most abrasions and scratches being easily wiped away. Shoes made from quality leather are sturdy and give that sophisticated appearance. The pores in the leather make this material breathable allowing air to circulate your toes. 


Every Italian shoe brand tends to do well and dominate the fashion world. Luxury brands handcraft every shoe making sure to use the highest quality components. The craftsmanship that the shoe masters employ is run from generation to generation. The phrase ‘made in Italy’ isn’t just a slogan thrown casually on Italian products. Thorough research and thoughtfulness are taken in manufacturing these shoes with an emphasis on quality from the start to finish. Shoe brands work hours on end to attain the perfect finishes on shoes often requiring multiple applications of waxes and polishes during the manufacturing process before the final inspection. Every shoe has to offer 110% satisfaction to its consumer.



Quality over quantity is a common phrase used countless times but Italians take it to heart. Many fashionistas admire Italian shoes for their elegance and cutting-edge fashion. Italy produces the kind of shoes that would give any outfit that extra shine and glamour needed to stand out from the crowd. During the manufacture of different parts of a shoe, careful cutting is done and only the best materials are picked for production. For high-performance shoes, the foot silhouette is measured with attention to pressure points to make sure it’s as comfortable as possible. The stitching has to be well done and firm to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. 

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