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Anyone looking to carve a name for himself or herself in the world of business knows just how important it is to dress the part. No, you don’t need to sport a $5,000 Rolex, if you can find one for that price, but you do need to look and act professional. That may be one area you’ve neglected if you studied for your Masters in Business Administration online. After all, when working towards your online MBA who’s going to see you in your slippers and house clothes? Before venturing out into the world of business professionals, take a few moments to review some good fashion tips to help you look like the professional you know you are.

To Suit or Not to Suit – That is the Question

There was a day when no self-respecting business professional would leave the house without a suit and tie. While there are still some ultra-conservative corporations out there that require a suit, tie and polished shoes, there are others that simply have a more relaxed dress code. The key here is to do your homework before going on that initial interview. Does the company you are applying to have a strong dress code? If so, will you be comfortable ‘living’ in their standards? Bear in mind that you will be dressed for work most of your waking hours so it’s up to you to determine whether or not you can live up to their expectations. If so, dress accordingly on that all important first interview with the equally all important first impressions.


Comfort is Key

Women are often up against a dress code that simply doesn’t allow them the comfort they need to get through the day without hurting more than they can think. Many administrative positions ‘expect’ a woman to dress as a business professional and stylish high heels are part of the overall look they require. Of course a dress code may not go as far as saying heels are required, but a quick glance around the office should tell you what is expected of you. When you were studying that online Masters in Business Administration course you were seated comfortably at home with your feet kicked up and the ever-present cup of coffee on the desk beside you. How would you handle an 8 to 10 hour day in a large office where you were expected to wear high heels? You may want that job but your feet and legs certainly don’t!


Business Professional Attire Doesn’t Need to Cost an Arm and a Leg

Once you’ve scoped out the company you have set your sights on, it’s time to actually go out and buy the perfect outfit for the interview. As a person who’s just made it through a Masters in Business Administration program you know that there are ways to save money on almost everything you do and that includes shopping. Search for deals and online vouchers as well as looking for sales at your local mall. Don’t pay full price unless you are forced to do so because that is the outfit you ‘must have.’ Business attire doesn’t trend as quickly as does casual attire so you may luck out with last season’s outfit at a drastically reduced price.

The key to dressing in the top fashions for the business professional is to learn how to balance the dress code of the company with your own needs and comfort levels. Top fashions typically remain quite constant from year to year for the business professional so there are ways to get the right outfit at the right cost. Dress according to how you believe that company wishes you to dress, keep an eye on comfort and remember money isn’t everything. With the right deal you can look like a million bucks and that is the best tip of all. Put all that business savvy to work for you. Shop the deals and you will know you have mastered the basics of sound business practices.


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