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It’s been a year, or more in many cases, since many of us have been in an office. Or going out at all. While we may not know an official return to work date, what to wear is already on many people’s minds.  We’re also trying to figure out what to wear to the weddings and parties that are starting to come back too.

Each person has their own distinct style, but what we do know is that people are unlikely to give up the comfort that they have grown to love.  Across the board people are embracing colors that make them happy and styles that make them feel good. Many might be saying goodbye to leggings and sweats, but we know that soft fabrics in upscale materials is here to stay.  Easy to wear wardrobe essentials are part of the new normal, as are gowns that make us feel glamorous and sophisticated. We know that some will be embracing a simple style, while others, including Donna Leah, founder of Donna Leah Designs, will be focusing on bright hues and shine in mood-boosting hues.

Donna Leah offers her favorite tips for discovering dressing up again now that we are going back to work and back out.“In Miami, where the Donna Leah Designs brand is based, we’re always thinking about color and the magic of the city. It’s been a huge influencer on my designs, and I’m obsessed with Ocean Blues, Pink of the Sand, and lots of shine – like the sun,” says the designer.


Experiment more – Now that we are venturing out more, we have the opportunity to experiment with personal style and getting to see what our friends, colleagues, and extended family members are wearing.  It’s time to find that reason to discover dressing up again and use clothing like pieces of a puzzle.  Create layers, find which colors and styles make you feel great, and make a statement.

Express your creative freedoms – Dressing up is about creative freedom while working from home was about ease and comfort. Now is the time to combine these elements and create a new category of fashion.  Donna Leah predicts that women will want to focus on glamor like never before.  All of the excitement and need to socialize that has been held back for so long will be out in full force!  We will want to mix our favorite handbags with a new gown, a favorite pair of heels with an elevated new loungewear set.  “The combinations are as endless as our imaginations,” explains Donna Leah.

Be confident – Formal events might be taking place in informal locations like in a park. Going to work might be with far fewer co-workers, so do you still have to dress up? Styles that you love might have changed in the past year and a half since you last wore them. Are they still okay to wear?  In some situations, there is no precedent, but that doesn’t mean that you should panic. Donna Leah Designs is all about wearing what makes you feel confident.  Skip the sweatpants and leggings and opt for upscale loungewear. It’s coordinated and means ready for business. Paired with heels and it’s the new you.


Shine bright – Wear clothing that reflects who you truly are.  If you love bright colors and a bit of shine, make that a statement throughout your wardrobe.  “People are finding that they have been hiding behind dark or neutral colors like black, navy, and gray. It’s time to be optimistic and embrace what’s ahead. That’s a license to embrace color – think pink, sapphire, emerald green, and deep purples,” says the designer. Hand embellished denim and evening gowns can both make equal statements of who you really are.  

“Don’t be afraid to try something new. Afterall it is party of your journey!”

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