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Some of the world’s most upscale lounges and nightclubs are known for having very strict dress code policies. The most luxurious venues will even reject patrons that aren’t dressed according to the club’s aesthetic. Depending on the venue, some places will have men’s jeans on the do-not-wear list, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear denim at all. As long as you know how to style your nightlife outfit with finesse, you can most definitely get into that rooftop lounge wearing fashion jeans for men paired with the right pieces. If celebrities can get away with designer jeans on the red carpet, you can work your way into any luxury nightlife venue with these simple men’s fashion tips for styling denim. 

Choose dark denim shades instead of light blue washes. 


Have you ever noticed that dark designer jeans for men just look more elegant? Dark fashion jeans for men can easily be a replacement for the traditional black or navy blue chino pants commonly worn by businessmen. Sometimes it’s even hard to decipher if you’re wearing denim jeans or twill pants, which is why it’s easier to get away with dark jeans at an upscale venue. You can get them at almost any stylish men’s clothing store today, such as Differio, as they’re so easy to find because of their popularity. Steer clear from light blue jeans because the lighter washes make it more obvious that you’re wearing denim, as well as mens colored jeans in bright colors – red, green, purple, yellow etc.

Avoid overly destroyed jeans and excess embellishments.

Simple is best when you’re dressing for a luxurious establishment. Some nightclubs will specify that they do not allow ripped, shredded or destroyed jeans. Although ripped jeans do have a trendy edge to them, it’s best to save these styles for dive bars and casual pubs. You want to keep your outfit minimal when choosing the right fashion jeans for men for your night out. Additionally, avoid excess accents and embellishments decorated on your mens designer jeans to keep your look classy.


Find fit styles that work best for your body type.

If you’ve ever gone out shopping for mens fashion jeans, you already know that any pair of ill-fitted jeans just look bad, no matter what logo you’re wearing. Instead of splurging on designer jeans for men just for the brand name in hopes that it will elevate your outfit, it’s best to find jeans that actually fit your body type. There are so many fit styles of denim out there now from tapered to straight to slim fit jeans. The only style of mens fashion jeans to avoid is anything overly baggy. Most luxury lounges want their clientele to look put together, and baggy jeans have more of a casual appeal to them. 

Once you’ve got the dos and don’ts of denim down, you should find luxury tops, shoes and accessories to finish your outfit with that posh flair. Here’s a quick guide to some men’s outfit ideas for a luxe look:

What to Pair with Fashion Jeans for Men:

  • Button-down Shirts – short or long sleeves (be sure to iron out wrinkles!)
  • Polo T-Shirts
  • Slim-fit Sweaters (avoid very heavy, chunky fabrics if you’re prone to sweating)
  • Leather Jackets & Fitted Blazers
  • Formal Dress Shoes – oxfords, brogues, wingtips, loafers, etc.
  • Leather Boots (but avoid work boots)
  • Designer Sunglasses – aviators, wayfarers, etc. (but reserve shades for daytime events)
  • Luxury Fashion Jewelry – watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.
  • Skinny Ties (but avoid any crazy patterns or prints)

In short, you can invest in a quality pair of men’s designer jeans, but don’t rely only on a brand name to do all the work to elevate your look. As long as you find a sleek pair of men’s fashion jeans in a classy shade that fits your body well, you’re bound to get past the toughest bouncer. You might even get lucky and score some numbers that night!

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