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Ever look around your home and realise the decor was clearly chosen by someone with a cracked lens over their eye for style? And then do you ever realise that the person responsible for your bizarre colour combos and misplaced trinkets is you? We’ve all been there. From patterns that were “kind of in” last year to jaunty furniture shapes and upcycled nonsense that wouldn’t look out of place in the sale section of a Dickensian thrift store, change is often needed with all things fashionable. 

But where to begin? New carpets? New curtains? A wall-sized TV, perhaps? That’ll all cost you dearly, and you’re going to have to put in the research. If you need to revive your living space and you’re looking for shortcuts, we have the answers. 

Canvas Prints

Photo canvas prints can be done very well with a few key pointers. First, you need an image that says ‘look at me’. That’s not easy to achieve, but you’ll probably find that your photo albums are littered with in-the-moment snaps that would be perfect for a canvas print. 

The trick is not to go for something posed and overly-professional, but rather something packed with interest and movement. How can you tell if you’ve selected the right photo? Easy. Do you have an emotional response to the image, or is it something well-lit but ultimately textbook and a bit boring?  

Top tip: travel photos are infinitely more interesting than a standard selfie on a night out with friends. Nobody wants to see that time you and your bestie from work managed to polish off the 10ft hotdog challenge at your local café. But people do want to see your reaction when you couldn’t stand the spice at a kimchi restaurant in Seoul.   


LED Filament Bulbs

LED technology is taking off in a big way. It’s cheaper to run and bulbs can last decades. The only problem was that they didn’t look like normal filament bulbs – well, no longer. The clever people behind the LED bulb have managed to place multiple tiny LEDs in a row and arrange the strip to look like a filament. Clever. Of course, how it looks won’t make much difference when switched on (staring at lit bulbs is not recommended). But in the day time, your lighting fixtures will benefit from the timeless rustic look of filament bulbs. 

The thing is, filament bulbs mix and match with all interior styles, so you’re onto a winner. From the juxtaposition when offset against modern vibes to the simple inclusion of in-place bulbs in among more throw-back styles, it will work. 

Mirror mirror on the wall

OK. Mirrors. Do you think you know mirrors? Maybe? A Bit? Not really? Here are some tips. You need a mirror in your hall, perpendicular to the front door (i.e. side-on). If you place the mirror opposite (or facing) the front door, your image will always be silhouetted. 

Next, you need large mirrors in the living and dining rooms (again, side on to the natural light source), but avoid hanging a mirror in the kitchen. Why? The steam from cooking will render it useless, and it will forever need to be wiped down. With canvases, bulbs, and mirrors, your home will look fresh and updated without breaking the bank.

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