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You like shopping! Very well! But if you`re ready to buy every piece that you like that`s not good. It often happens, you buy something (for example, lovely skirt or top) and when you come home, you realize that you can’t match it with any piece in your closet. Of course, you get upset and put your purchase away. If you are tired of being frustrated after shopping choose your best clothing colors and create personal clothing palette. Below you can read how to build properly a great color palette for your closet.    

Let’s not forget that you’re all striving to find your unique personal style, that`s why there won’t be any general rules of picking your clothing palette JUST advice. We all have color preferences in daily life. Your color palette is completely up to you, but it’s so important to learn how to coordinate your color preferences with the pieces of clothing.


The basics are the main colors of your closet. So it means that you wear the clothes of these colors a lot or most commonly. These are your key pieces without which you can`t imagine your life like jeans, trousers, jackets and so on. And before choosing basic colors determine your skin’s undertone. People with warm skin’s undertone will look great wearing clothes with warm based reds and yellows. Orange, coral, yellow-green tints will also fit you. But never include cool blue pieces in your closet. Vice versa people who have cool undertones will never go wrong buying clothes of purple, green and navy blue.
BUT if you choose red as your main color it doesn’t mean that you can wear the clothes just in this color. A red skirt, red top, red shoes together will make you look gaudy and tawdry. Avoid this effect!



Neutrals are additional colors that have to suit your basics. You know well the best examples of these colors. The most widespread neutral colors are black, white, beige, gray, navy, khaki, burgundy, tan and caramel. Nearly neutrals are also can be used like gray-blue, burgundy, olive green. You certainly have several white shirts, beige trousers or burgundy and black jeans in your closet. BUT never dress up only neutrals as your look will be too boring and ordinary. Mix neutrals with your main color and don’t forget about highlights.



You want to stand out add highlights to the look. It can be a single piece, but it has to fit the key outfit and your accessories. As such highlights, you can use any colored essentials which aren’t one of your main colors.

So clothing palette helps you build your perfect closet where you can mix and match everything and at the same time look fabulous and trendy. All you need is to divide your clothes into 3 color types: basics, neutrals and highlights. And one more thing if you define your color palette don`t think that you’ll have the same exact look all the time. A well-chosen clothing color palette will inspire you every day.


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