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In this modern age, women have been putting glamour to the world of casinos. In past years, the rise of popular poker portals have casualized the gambling world. Casino wear has become much more laid back over the past recent years. As the famous casino professionals attending tournaments with regular home-wear clothes (baggy jeans and scruffy t-shirts), this style has become a trend in itself.

However, there are still many people who uphold the spirit of casino fashion as many casino stars take pride in their image and the attention it collects. Indeed, what other ways there could possibly be, to get in a gambling mood for a night in top rated casinos in norway if by not the dressing part? So, go ahead and glam up your wardrobe with one of the following styles.

The Sparkles and The Sequins Look

It’s impossible not to get carried away by an alluring showgirl vibe. It’s an image that is timeless, captivating and covered with sequins. Go with long or short dress that has an open back, in any type of material that shimmers in the light. And, if you don’t like sequins, then go for something cheerful and simple. Also, keep in mind that too much jewelry may divert the focus from your dress, so better to wear just a pair of earrings in this style.


The Stylish Sleek Look

Imagine a look that combines pearl necklace, long pair of silky gloves and a flawless up-do, does anyone pops up in your head? For me, it’s Audrey Hepburn! The unapogogetically charming look of her has become a worldwide symbol of class and elegance. In this style, you don’t need to wear heels that are too high, just go with something black and simple. And, for jewelry, pick diamonds or pearls. However, I know that doing perfectly in-line up-do can be bit tough without the help of a professional, but you can decorate your hair with mesh fascinator for the same effect without any professional help.

The Androgynous Look

Women now are entering casinos as professional players. The fashion sense of casino stars like Xuan Lio have started a new trend in which, they wear a less traditional style among the women in casino by combining unisex casual with foxy formal. You too can wear your own style vogue look with a plain and loose buttoned jacket and slimfit shirt. Put on some golden jewelry and you’ll have a perfect balance between masculine dapperness and feminine mystique.


The Wild West Look

If you want your style to be inspired from Wild West, you might have to go in with a checked shirt, cowboy hat and buckle boots. For this playful look, you’ll need black skinny jeans, bright red boots and tomboy look. With this combination, you can have the most wonderful, thematic and cheeky look. Because, it’s not always necessary to wear a classiest dress in a casino, so why not a Wild West look?

The Nostalgia Look

Bringing back that districtive retro 80s casino look can be really unique. For that, you’ll require long, colorful nails and hairspray do, the bigger the better. This outfit is further enhanced with over-sized coat with leopard print and brazen make up and you’ll look just like Cindy Crawford in a fashion mag. Not everybody can pull off this look, but trying out once is half the fun.



Remember that whether you’re dressed in a Walmart dressing gown or Dior suit, in the end it all comes down to enjoying yourself, enhancing your strategies and hopefully bringing back extra buck at home.

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