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Indian fashion has nowadays reached to new heights which has finally started receiving a long-overdue notice within the fashion circles all across the world. Usually, the Indian fashion industry involves various different types of trends- right from the fun, bright patterns to the long, flowy fabrics; they are being loved in each and every form. The attractive combination of colours and different traditional, cultural, modern as well as ethnic designer styles makes the Indian fashion industry to reach new heights.


One of the major attractions of Indian fashion involves traditional Indian clothing that represents the cultural and traditional value of the people. Furthermore, the Indian fashion wear makes an incredible statement for each and every festivity as well as wedding ceremony. The latest trending fashion apparels mainly targeted Indian bridal and festive wear market that comprised of Indian sarees, wedding Lehengas, bridal Lehengas as well as luxe Salwar Kameez designs. Other than that, for the grooms, Indian Sherwanis or Kurtas are in trend and its different styles make Indian fashion industry more strong. As a result, when one compares Indian fashion industry to the world fashion, one would come across wide range of colourful and vibrant clothing range.

Sarees are considered as the most traditional as well as ancient clothing wear that is meant for the Indian women. Along with the exposure to different cultures of the world as well as industrialization, the salwar kameez became the second most popular attire as well as most common attire among women that could be commonly seen in India. Besides that, for the males, the menswear includes dhoti kurta as the traditional and most conventional attire. Regardless that, today very few people in India are habituated to be draped in a dhoti. Usually, they prefer pants or jeans instead of traditional dhotis. Recently, there are many new developments development in the Indian fashion industry; within which each of these traditional and ethnic Indian dresses has attained a sense of newness with some kind of modifications in their basic constructions.


Each piece of Indian ethnic clothing symbolizes the rich textile heritage that is a prime asset of India. One would come across wide variations with different clothing options depending on different regions of India. It could be also said that- since ages the Indian fashion industry has come across radiating vividness and effervescence of Indian culture which comes for its diversity and liveliness. Today, the Indians have been widespread all across the world, and where they go; the Indian fashion follows with them. Those ones residing once in India and prefer Indian wear once they are shifted outside the sub-continent while aspiring this colourful and trendy look by decking up in Indian clothes.


The online shopping option has also made this possible for everyone. This ultimately made the e-commerce websites to stock Indian dresses online which make Indian clothes online shopping a very simple and easy process. As the online shopping includes numbers of facilities like customized clothing, express shipping, overnight shipping, as well as highly secure payment services have made online shopping easier as well as successful and reliable retail industry across the globe. This, as a result, has made it easy to buy Indian clothes online from any part of the world.



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Daniel Clark, a fashion advisor and enthusiast share his views on different on-going fashion trends across the world. With the above post, he is sharing about traditional Indian clothing and ethnic wear that makes Indian fashion more colourful and vibrant.