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Are you yearning to buy a handbag or purse? Well, the good news is that the best bags come in all sizes and shapes. You will come across neutral colors in phenomenal shapes. The texture and styles of these bags will liven up your wardrobe. However, choosing the best bags can be a difficult task.

Brands in Vogue

Now, when you are about to select your bag, make sure that you go for the best brands. Chanel, Gucci and The Row are some of the sort after bag brands of 2020.

When you are looking for the best brands, then the brand Bottega Veneta is worth a consideration as well. Let us talk about the different bags that you can choose from with confidence.

Choosing the best bags

If you are the sort of person who prefers funky stuff, then you must not miss out on quilted bags by any means. Quilted bags with chunky straps are a class apart. If you want to buy these bags for everyday use, then consider opting for neutral colors.

The classic Crossbody bags

Crossbody bags have already been able to acquire celebrity endorsements. Pebbled leather bags have become popular recently. Earthy toned Crossbody bags are a treat for the eyes so you should not miss out on them.

Pearl bags

The good news is that the Pearl bags will also not lose their charm in 2020. The beaded exterior adds charm to the bags. The Pearl bags are perfect for a festive occasion. Plus, the chain shoulder strap helps you make a style statement.


There are times when you do not want to carry heavy bags with you. The pouches are your best refuge in this situation. If you are a minimalist, then a pouch will offer you value. It allows you to carry your basics. You will come across pouches with printed and funky patterns so go for them.

Banana bag

If you are the sort of person who wants to try out something out of the box, then a banana bag is the best option for you. The leather banana bags are a great choice for everyday use. The style of the bag will definitely grab attention.


Something which will never go out of fashion are the totes. They are perfect for casual use. The best part is that most totes are also quite spacious and can accommodate a lot of stuff with ease.

How to choose a bag that suits your needs

There are many essentials that you must keep in mind when buying your bag. You need to focus on your comfort level. It should be easy for you to carry the bag. If you travel frequently, then you must go for a bag that has a lot of pockets and zips so that your items remain safe.

Secondly, do not just go for a bag that appeals to you. The bag should never clash with your outfit otherwise it will lose its charm. 

Stylish bags are undoubtedly a timeless classic that every woman must own. However, make sure that you keep these essentials in mind when you are about to invest in a bag. The benefit of this practice is that you will not regret your purchase.

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