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To exude luxury, you not only need the right mindset and attitude, but you also have to know how to dress yourself appropriately. Your goal should be to always look put together, even if you’re staying in with a few friends for the night. You not only want to know what fashions are popular, but also create a sense of your own style that you can rock. Accept that it’ll take a little extra effort on your part to get it right. However, your hard work will be well worth it when you see how great you look and notice how awesome you feel.

Do your Homework

Take your time to learn more about fashion and what’s trending before you go spending any of your hard-earned money on clothes. Follow industry bloggers, page through magazines and look at images to get a better idea of what you may want to wear that’s similar to what you’re seeing being published and highlighted. Come up with a couple of icons or mentors who you view as having a fantastic sense of style and use them as inspiration for your own look.


Clean out your Closet

You should start by knowing what you already own, what you need and which pieces you can get rid of or donate. Clearing out your closet will not only help you declutter, but you’ll be making room for those garments that are going to help you truly shine. There’s no point in hanging onto pieces you no longer enjoy wearing or that make you look frumpy and uninteresting. Your goal is to have a closet full of beautiful and eye-catching clothes that you look forward to putting on each day.

Care about what you Look like at Work

Work is a big part of your life, and it’s where you likely see the most people in any given day. You should care about what you look like even if you work in a factory or warehouse. For example, find some comfortable and stylish shoes for standing on concrete from Shoe Guide that you can wear each day and feel good about yourself when you’re in them. Don’t assume that because you’re at work your appearance or what you have on doesn’t matter.


Go Shopping & Try on Outfits

Finally, go out and model various looks yourself and see what sticks. The act of shopping and trying on different outfits and styles will give you a sense of what your body type looks good in and you feel confident wearing around. Be discerning and only purchase garments that you fall in love with and make you look spectacular. Dressing to impress requires you to filter out the unattractive outfits and only show off what’s flattering on you.


Dressing to impress is doable when you follow through with these tips. Take your time and go about it the right way if you want to design the ultimate wardrobe for you. The goal is to wake up every day and be excited about your clothing options and how you look in the mirror.


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