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For a truly luxurious wardrobe that is low-effort yet timeless, there are some basic essentials that every woman needs to own. Chances are that you probably own some of these basics already, but if you’re missing any from your current wardrobe setup, then you might be making life harder for yourself.

These classic fashion choices will never go out of style, and even as the fashion world prepares for another year of surprises and colors, these luxurious additions to your wardrobe will make getting ready for any occasion much easier and less likely to end up with a frenzy of rushed purchases.

The Classic White Shirt

Every woman needs to own at least one white shirt, and the crisper, the better. A white shirt will add a touch of class to any outfit that you match it with, and whether that’s your business suit or a jeans and jacket combo, you’re never going to go wrong with this classic. Big name designers like Ralph Lauren are always going to include white shirts in their collections, and when Carolina Herrera says that the white shirt is the definition of her style, then you know it’s worth owning.

The Little Black Dress

The LBD should be in your wardrobe, and there’s no getting around that fact. This is a wardrobe staple, and it’s incredibly versatile. You can wear it plain with nothing more than an elegant hairstyle, or match it with bold or subtle accessories that can be tailored to the occasion. Make sure that your LBD flatters your body shape and you’ll never be short of ideas of what to wear for that special occasion.


The Skirt

There are obviously an impossible variety of skirt styles to choose from, and every woman should have at least three skirt options in their wardrobe. Whether you prefer pencil skirts or something that flows, skirts are universally agreed to be one of the best foundations for any outfit. Find a style that suits you, and make sure that you check out the range of plus size skirts for greater control over your daily clothing choices.

Classy Feet

If you don’t have a pair of classic black heels in your shoe collection then you’re missing out on one of the best items you can own; there’s always something elegant and empowering about black heels, and just slipping into a pair can make you feel a million times more sophisticated and sensual. The right black heels can even change the way that you hold yourself, and they should never be overlooked when building the best wardrobe for your lifestyle.

Coat Yourself in Class

One of the most popular additions to the catwalks for 2019 was the return of the raincoat. Most women watched this without shock, as the trench coat has remained a consistent fashion option that drips elegance, luxury, and class. The right trench coat goes with everything, and you can work it with sneakers or heels, jeans or skirts. Not only are trench coats practical, they’re versatile as well, meaning that they should be a major element of your wardrobe.

If you look at a pile of clothing every morning and get paralyzed by too many options, then it might be time to declutter what you already own and focus on the basics. These essentials can transform your wardrobe, your look, and your confidence. Head into the new year looking the best you can be, and use these luxury essentials as the foundation of your 2019 look.


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