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If you are pregnant – particularly if it’s your first time – you know you are going to need a whole new wardrobe to keep you feeling as comfortable as possible until your baby is born. Of course, comfort isn’t the only factor when it comes to choosing the things you wear. It is possible to be fashionable, stylish, and even look sexy while your bump is growing. Here are some tips to keep you looking good even on those days when you may not feel like it.

Wear Close Fits on Your Limbs

Pregnancy should only make your belly big, so there is no reason to dress like the rest of you has ballooned in size too! Loose, shapeless clothes will only add to the bulky look, so choose maternity clothing that has a slimmer fit on your arms and legs to give a good balance. Maternity leggings like these can be a great way to achieve this while remaining extremely comfortable. You can even find maternity versions of skinny jeans and other slim fitting pants you loved to wear before you were pregnant! Maternity tops specifically designed to fit normally on the arms and shoulders but accommodate a bump and perhaps a growing bust are always a better choice than simply throwing on regular sweaters and tees that are far too big, so invest in proper maternity pieces for everyday wear.



Dresses allow you an easier way to remain cool and comfortable, especially in summer when carrying the extra weight of your baby bump can make you feel a bit hot and bothered! Empire line designs are perfect for pregnancy, emphasizing the bust and flowing over the bump. In contrast, you can also show off your bump if you prefer with comfortable, sexy jersey knit dresses. A wraparound style is good because you can adjust it as your bump gets bigger. It is also a good way to show off the extra cleavage pregnancy may have blessed you with!

Cover Ups

Early on in your pregnancy, you may prefer to hide your bump. Once again, rather than do this with baggy, shapeless clothes, choose styles that are fitted in places but flow loosely over the belly area. You can also choose use loose fitting clothes in very lightweight materials like chiffon and silk that won’t create bulk. Kimono cardigans or floaty shirts can be a great way to look like you haven’t gained any weight at all until you are ready for the world to know you are expecting! This is a technique often used in TV and movies where a pregnant actress is playing a character who is not pregnant!


Whatever your style, you should be able to find modern, attractive maternity pieces that allow you to remain as fashionable as ever as your body changes through the nine months of your pregnancy. You may even miss wearing some of these great styles when your baby is born and your old wardrobe fits again!


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