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It’s a rare thing for a man to go out with no money in his pockets. Instead,  he’ll usually be carrying a wallet. It can be light, portable, and highly functional. It may contain more than the basic credit cards and cash: some ID cards, receipts, tickets, or several other items.

It’s not just a matter of being practical, however. Many men use their wallets as fashion statements just as they do with their suits or watches. People make assumptions about others based on what they see. They can assume a person is wealthy, stylish, and fashionable (or hard up for money!) based on their choice of wallet. Perhaps you want to communicate your sense of taste and class this way. We will now go through some of the wallets you have available. 

Chain Wallets

They first became popular amongst bikers who tired of losing their money as they rode along. The chain helps keep a person’s money secure in their pocket whilst they are out and about. Over time they became fashion accessories. People can buy them in all sizes and styles, including vintage and retro. Whether it’s a bifold, trifold, or checkbook wallet you are looking for, you will be able to find a chain version. 

It’s wise to do plenty of research before you make your purchase. Why not read a review page on a specialist website? It might discuss the top wallets from Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and the UK. You can learn about luxury items and top craftsmanship, and even products you can personalize. 

Photo by Nicolas J Leclercq on Unsplash

Slim Wallets

These are the ultimate minimalist item, fitting snugly into peoples’ jacket pockets or trousers. They typically store less than more classical wallets, having room primarily for credit cards and banknotes. A person who is going out for the evening may find this choice perfect as they won’t need to carry much else. 

The reduction in size doesn’t mean a person won’t have room for around ten credit cards, however. They can choose a product made from top-quality leather, or one with aluminum plating for extra durability. Some fine examples are The Ridge Slim Wallet and the Bellroy Slim Sleeve. 

Bifold Wallets

They provide more space for such things as loose change, coupons, and so on. You can keep ID cards and business cards there, too. Due to their bulkiness, they are less comfortable to wear in your pocket, however. 

It’s possible to buy suave versions in dark leather colors. Travelers also favor bifold wallets made from long-lasting canvas. Check out the Tom Ford Textured Leather Bifold. If you’re worried about your data being stolen from your credit card, take a look at the Herschel Hank RFID Bifold.

Trifold Wallets 

They store more and make it easier to categorize the contents. The overall size is usually smaller than some other wallets. Some provide windows so you can flash an ID card without taking it out and risking losing it. 

Three popular examples are the Acne Studios Wallet, the Fossil Ingram Leather Trifold Wallet, and the stylish Bosca Leather Trifold Wallet. 

The Long Wallet

This might be the option for you if it is to be carried in your jacket. That’s why it’s also known as the suit coat wallet, coat wallet, and breast coat wallet. 

It can be carried around unfolded, leaving its contents pristine and uncrinkled. 

Card Wallets

Just as some clerks like a clear desk and a paperless office, some people like to carry minimal things around with them. They may only go shopping with their credit cards and store cards, and little else. In this scenario a card wallet is ideal. Needless to say, it could be a disappointment if you suddenly needed a change for parking!

For a quality item that carries a touch of class, look at the Tumi Gusseted Card Case. 

Money Clips And Metal Items

It’s possible to buy a money clipper, and some contain magnets to keep everything in place. Two excellent buys are the Maison Margiela and the Leatherology Magnetic Money Clip. For something metallic, check out the Decadent Minimalist DM1 Titanium Wallet.

At the end of the day, it will depend on your taste and budget. It may be that you will end up buying more than one, to suit different occasions. Be sure to look after it so that it remains in peak condition. Then it will serve you for many years to come, and make a lasting impression on those who see it. 

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