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Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but lingerie is every women’s companion. From the day-to-daylife to a one night celebration, lingerie has always being part of a woman’s femininity, seduction or even comfort. This week we met Miss Claire Suisse, an interesting lingerie brand with one specific goal: They are committed to offer the opportunity for all women to wear every day refined and quality lingerie at an affordable price.


Miss Claire Suisse believes that quality of service is a differentiator key in a competitive market. We set the goal of becoming the preferred brand of our current and future clients.


 Miss Claire, a know-how at the service of women.

When you meet a new brand, one of the first questions you might have is the background of the company and how the products are made. With Miss Claire, things are pretty clear and reassuring. The company started to produce mariage portions for women in 1960 and in the 80’s the first collections of underwear and lingerie started. For several years the company manufactured lingerie for very well known and established brands, like Triumph, Oysho, Etam, Chantelle, La Senza… After a while, Miss Claire brand was born, in 1997. 18 years later, Miss Claire is located in Istanbul, Turkey. Established in a 6’ooo m2 offices, Miss Claire has a production capacity of 350’000 pieces per month. Why Turkey? Well, When it comes to Lingerie, you need to find a high-skilled tradition and know-how in dentelle and fine-clothes. Turkey has decades of tradition in lingerie and lace. Several families started businesses around lace and lingerie after the Second world war. Miss Claire has a perfect background that allow customers to benefit from the best techniques at an affordable price.

Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie-hq Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie-savoir-faire

Miss Claire offers a wide variety of trends, fancy or classic woman underwear, able to meet a multitude of needs. The company develops its business and markets for many years and is now present in several European countries and on others continents. For Switzerland, Miss Claire is Miss Claire Suisse. They have offices between Geneva and Lausanne. And all activities in the Swiss market are managed in Switzerland. Lingerie is also about design and style. All design work for Miss Claire is done in France and in the UK by the best Lingerie designers of the moment.


Miss Claire Suisse, 100% online, a digital boudoir

Miss Claire Suisse has a clear “parti-pris” about the way to commercialize its lingerie. Always concerned by proposing the best quality at an affordable price, Miss Claire Suisse decided to go online and embrace a 100% digital distribution. Their aim is to keep distribution and marketing costs as low as possible, focus on production and quality. Prices goes from CHF 29 to HF 150. So their mission to offer the possibility to women to wear everyday fine-lingerie is accomplished.

Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie-homewear Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie-nightwear Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie-pure

Miss Claire proposes 5 collections of lingerie and underwear:

  • Fashion
  • Classic
  • Pure
  • Private
  • Interior

With these different collections, every woman can find the perfect piece to answer to a day-to-day need or a special occasion, or both. Miss Claire explores colors, shapes, materials, anatomic designs and of course a full range of affordable prices. So no excuse to find your dreamed lingerie.

Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie-collection Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie-private Miss-Claire-suisse-lingerie

Miss Claire has a very interesting offer in the Pure collection. Pure products have sustained a washing procedure with a special ferment that guarantees. The quality and the shape of the cotton underwear whilst strict microbiological controls make sure that the product is friendly to the skin. In addition the finishing with a ferment of silicone seals the softness and the perfect fitting of the Pure collection.





As you can see, Miss Claire is a very interesting brand. Their approach of being 100% online is very interesting. The website is very well done, there is all the reassurance required and in the website you can even find a local phone number to contact in case of doubt. Little note about the models presented in the website. They are very little photoshopped which gives them the allure of real women rather than extra-terrestrials. Naturally they are all very beautiful women but basically that is it.


Please visit the brand website for more information about the company and the products. The stocks are regularly updated so you will never end up trying to buy something that you cannot. 

Miss Claire is a very clear business with a clear mission about how to please its customers. Dedicated people are key for success and qualitative products at the right price are the foundation of a very sustainable business. Well done.



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