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Summer is just around the corner and that inevitable question pops up: Are you ready for the beach? Sure, we are all eager to spend some lazy days sunbathing, swimming and catching the waves, but are we ready to walk that sandy path with confidence? Well, sure we are. All it takes a little bit of stylishness, the right swimwear and the best beach accessories out there, and you will be able to shine brighter than the sun. After all, there is no such thing as a beach-ready body, just a well-styled body you will take to the beach. Here are some tips to look mesmerizing on the sand.

Choosing the Right Swimsuit

The key of choosing the perfect swimsuit is in knowing your figure. Of course, every woman’s body has its own specifics, but there are some basic body shapes you can use as your guidelines for making a choice. Those are apple shape (waist is much wider than hips), pear shape (hips and ties bigger in measurements than the upper body part), hourglass (curvy and feminine, bust have equal measurements as hips) and athletic or boyish (no waist, slim hips, broad shoulders). There are also different requirements for women with large and small bust.

Apple shape: If you are an apple shape you probably carry some extra weight in your waist. That does not mean you cannot look fabulous on the beach. Just opt for some trendy tummy control swimwear or high-waist bottom.

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Pear shape: A pear shape lady should bring focus to her upper body part with ornamented swimwear, while the bottoms should be dark and inconspicuous.

Hourglass: If you have an hourglass figure, than you can get away with almost any swimsuit type.

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Athletic: Wear a one-piece swimsuit that will create an illusion of curves. Also, you can use patterns to balance the athletic frame with a feminine touch.

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Large bust: Women with large cups need an upper swimwear that will give them support in a similar way that a bra does. Halternecks are a great and stylish way to achieve that.

Small bust: Accentuate your small bust with underwire bra top, triangle top or details on the top (tassels, rhinestones, bows, etc.).

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Spicing Things Up with Accessories

Who says that beachwear cannot be accessorized? Just as with any other outfit, accessories can elevate a bikini or a one-piece by giving it the something extra it needs. The unavoidable beach accessories are a pair of trendy sunglasses, floppy sunhat, large and conspicuous beach bag, and a pair of stylish flip flops, but that is not all.

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You can wear jewelry to the beach, just make sure it matches your swimwear. The most sun-loving jewelry is, of course, boho jewelry, but if you are wearing sporty bikini, it will not look great, so choose an inconspicuous pair of hoop earrings instead. Plastic colorful bracelets are always a nice addition, if you want to play it safe. If you are wearing an elegant monokini in black or white, you can enhance its refines with golden necklace or bracelets.

Go Undercover

Cover-ups are a true must-have this year, and they are here to stay. Whether we are talking about beautiful and romantic beach caftans, kimonos or crochet dresses, you should enrich your beachwear with at least one of them, because you will need something stylish to take you from the sand to the boardwalk.

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Of course, you can go for a more casual look with a jeans shorts and a patterned blouse, a maxi dress, a sundress, a romper, an oversized hats, a high-waist shorts, sarong, boyfriend jeans shirt, palazzo pants, etc.
One final tip: Whatever you wear the most important thing is for you to feel sexy and confident in it, the fashion magazines can lie, but your intuition cannot.

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