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Hi, we all know the successful eshop NETAPORTER.COM. It is one of the fashion online temples for women. Created by Nathalie Massennet in 2,000, this website brought fashion into the e-commerce business. With more than 18,000 visitors a day and 140 million sales, we understand why the Richemont group decided to buy the website. It seems they paid around 360 million dollars, which show how confident they are on the future of online luxury business. All experts say the luxury e-business should grow by 20% this year.

In the meantime, Nathalie Massennet is launching the masculine version of her female website. In deed, not only women have the right to shop online but also men. The website is called MRPORTER.COM and from what was announced in the press, it will contain at least 60 brands, among them Lanvin, YSL, Burberry and Ralph Lauren.
They started a buzz campaign in which people are invited to become a “Founder member”. You only need to subscribe online to the website. I did it so now I am officially a founder member of MRPORTER.COM. The only uncool thing is that they oblige you to send a message to a friend in order to validate the registration. I find this a little pushy as I was not so happy to do that by obligation. But anyway, let’s hope that the masculine version will have the kind of the IT-Items that  the feminine version integrates on its success.

If you love to shop online, or at least you would like to, check the following links I provide here below:

So british and so edgy. Afordable yet stylish close in a british style. When Regent street and H&M meet.

The coolest site to design your shirts. A must on todays men’s elegance. Nothing more horrible than a bad shirt fit. Enjoy.

A highend fashion choices. Neil Barret, Marc Jacobs, MArtin Margiela… so a sophisticated eshop with sophisticated brands for sophisticated people 🙂

A very interesting website that proposes some different looks (in situation) and the different clothes + where to buy them. The discovery process is original and the brands too.

Thats all for now. Do not hesitate to place a comment in this post with your preferred online shop.