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When true new yorkers revisit one of the fashion standards, you get more than just fashion, you get an aspirational lifestyle… and that it is Nycked. This might be one of the most interesting exercises on a very mainstream glamourous fashion segment: the Swimwear. The recipe is a quite exquisite one. For a great Swimwear collection, you always need a brazilian around. Brazilians are experts on the glamour you might generate with a gentle piece of clothe. Then, you need a great artist and you place both in New York, a city where everything is possible… then you get Nycked. Here is what the brand says on their Facebook page:

“NYCKED swimwear is born from the vivid energy of both Lorenzo Martone of ARC NEW YORK/Chandelier Creative and Jules Kim of Bijules. Hailing from Brazil and the American South, the two recognize the aspirational lifestyle of being a New Yorker as one overflowing with style, intrigue, elegance and intimacy. NYCKED offers an alternative to standard beachwear and gives anyone the opportunity to live the New York look.”

Here the video where Jules Kim explains the project. She looks a very inspiring person, check it out here:

This year I though summer would be boring but thanks to this great collection, I find now summer more “spiced up”. It is sexy, sophisticated, highly aspirational, looks very well executed and there is a lot of talented people behind. I also find there is a punk rock influence, that of course pleases me a lot. it makes it dynamic, active and edgy. We can also appreciate that the people behind  have a “fashion background” and not a swimOutdoor past… it helps to see things on a different new perspective.

I have chosen some visuals that trully represents my idea of the brand, do not hesitate to go to their website and check others looks. Check their Facebook page here and do not hesitate to link to their website: or the Twitter channel on

Let’s hope this project goes through and that other things might come from Nycked…

What do you think?