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Very often Fashion does not really goes along with ethics. Nevertheless, a new state of mind is rising and proves that we can do fashion and yet keep things under a certain aim for fair trade and respect of workers throughout the manufacturing supply chain. This is the case of Tatyana Arian Design, member of the Ethical Clothing Australia association.


Tatyana_AndersonTatyana Anderson is the founder and artistic Director of the Brand. She was born in Russia and you can feel and see in everything she does, we taste her russian influences, like a glamourous tzarine theme. She lives and works in Australia, where she has her studio in Melbourne. Her style is both structured, precise and opulent. Her collections for bedroom clothing is more and more famous, revamping this important segment in fashion. It captures all her passion and imagination which will transport you into amazing journeys. She designs and produces in Australia, following the quality chart of the Ethical Clothing Australia association. She also collaborates with international artists and artisans like Swarovski crystals. Tatyana is passionate about her new home country and her hand selected talented team of artisans. 6 collections reflect her work: Fortuna, Ziva, Tsovinar, Empress Dream, Venus and Lasa. Each one has a specific inspiration, from natural beauty to sophisticated sensuality. All fit all kinds of women and you can basically chose your bedroom dress depending on your mood. Here below some photos of our preferred looks.

Tatyana-Ariyan-Design-fashion Tatyana-Ariyan-Design-fashion-designer

Tatyana-Ariyan-Design-bedroom-dress Tatyana-Ariyan-Design-bedroom-dress
Tatyana Ariyan Design is official invited to the International Fashion week in September. For this occasion, the label will present the new collection during the couture show on September 14th.
To discover more about this very feminine and glamourous brand, check the official website: 

When the evening comes, there are more than 50 shades of grey…


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