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Casual clothing makes us look and feel good in the hot summer days. With just a little time left for summer to set in most of you may be busy updating the wardrobe. Wearing casual clothes does not mean that you need to look too young or sloppy. There are a number of ways out there through which you can look stylish by wearing casual wear even at 40+. So in case you are planning to shop for casuals, then let me show you some tips and tricks that will make you look superb in the coming hot days.


  1. Special tops with jeans: Just like others, even I don’t like to dress up in a boring t-shirt over the jeans. Most of the time it looks simple and ends up showing the bumps and lumps giving me the most unflattered look.

So the most effective way to upgrade the look is going by a special t-shirt. It can be anything with a beautiful print, embellishment, design or a draping element. Going for button down shirt is another way to improve your look. You can either go for a plain or a printed shirt.

  1. Pair jeans with top and a cardigan/jacket: Another way to spice up your casual look is going a bit dressier. You can select the garment based on your choice. You can either go for a blazer or a cardigan or for even a casual jean jacket. To get the sporty look, go for a leather jacket. In case you have a plain t-shirt, this is the time to wear them under the jacket.
  1. Plain or printed top for printed pants: One of the best ways to look casual is by going for a printed pants or jeans. They are perfect to get the casual look. You can easily pair it up with a casual sweater or a button down shirt. You can even take the attention by going for dressy shoes. You can even make your dressing more casual by going for sneakers.
  1. Tunic tops with leggings or skinnies: Another best way to go all casual is by wearing skinnies with a short dress or a tunic top. You can look more chic or as casual as possible, by just choosing the right tunic you want to wear. You can even style up your leggings or skinnies. Either go for printed leggings, leather, simple jersey style or coated ones. Make sure that you create a balance between your tunic and leggings. The balance should not only be about the prints and colours, but also regarding the height and silhouette of the top.
  1. Loose top with a skirt: It is not necessary that skirts should make you look dressy. You can combine it with a loose top or sweaters to get the casual look. To add up, you can even go for casual footwear. You can easily get a casual look with A-line skirts or with straight skirts. You can find skirts for less just by using Psyche discount code while making the purchase.
  1. Long linen or cotton dress or skirt: To get the best casual look just go for a long dress. All you have to do is to pair your long dress with a pair of flat sandals. You can look awesome in a long skirt too but then you will also have the task to find the right top for it.
  1. Jackets with knee height pants: Something that you will find back in fashion this season is knee high pants. They look flattering and you can wear them with any top. The best part is that these knee length pants will not make your legs look short.

These are 7 ways to look casual and stay in style. If you have any other styling ideas for casual outfits, you can even share them with us.



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