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Vanessa Beecroft has proved herself to be one of the most original artists of her generation. Always finding the specific angle that will generate a strong reation to everyone who would see her work. Exploring the human body and the vision of femininity, Vanessa Beecroft made her own mark in the artistic international scene. In the past 10 years she started a collaboration with brands, mostly fashion brands in order to illustrate a certain vision of fashion. This time Vanessa Beecroft, alongside with the creative director of Vogue Ukraine, Olga Yanul, has worked in association with the great Italian fashion house Valentino.
This latest project, the creation of a portfolio, was conducted for the magazine Vogue Ukraine on the occasion of the release of its second issue of the Art magazine.
The story puts on stage different materials to create an entirely feminine and sensual world. Marble and semi-naked models illustrate a dream world where fashion and arts meet. It celebrates the beauty of the female body but also an idea of one’s own existence.
By proposing to work with both models and marble, Vanessa Beecroft indeed shows how there is a sense of eternity of life and death. Another daring important element of this living picture is he usage of Valentino Haute-couture dresses. It adds a a real break in time. It also elevates the female models to the rank of living goddesses, like marble statues with a strong living vibration. 
The dresses are sophisticated, elegant and very feminine. They highlight women allure and silhouette. By using Valentino HC dresses, the artist also expresses the idea that Fashion makes the narrative art, understandable and easier to understand.
Olga Yanul is the Vogue Ukraine editor since September 2012. During this last 3 years we could see the rise of the Ukraine edition among the CondéNast Vogue worldwide. She is doing a very clever, qualitative and sharp job not only in the choice of articles but also in the collaborations with the magazine. It is completely aligned with the country context as well as with the international landscape. Good job!


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