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Despite the fact Fashion became a powerful industry in which nothing really is let randomly, sometimes a little sparkle shines brighter in the sky and makee you believe that creativity and passion is not dead. It is all the contrary. And this sparkle just came out of the dark at Hyères Festival for fashion and photography. His name is Kenta Matsushige.

Kenta Matsushige inspirations

What is amazing with Kenta Matsushige is the simplicity of his approach of fashion. Talent has often the capability to make things look brilliantly simple. And this young Japanese creator has a huge amount of talent. Since the 80’s and the arrival of Japanese fashion style in the international scene, it is a all different universe that was added to fashion creation.
Kenta Matsushige look
And Kenta Matsushige is just the loyal heir of this. At 26 years old, the young Japanese creator developed a solid and specific identity. His line is precise and his style is edgy.
When you ask him what are his inspirations, he will spontaneously talk about minimal art. Minimalism is a challenge and an accomplishment at the same time. Nature is also a strong source of inspiration. He transcends minimal natural shapes and textures into a wisely sophisticated utban style. There is a strong contrast between the richness of shape and the cutting. Nothing is too much, everything is essential. Sometimes less is more, here it is alot more.
Kenta Matsushige fashion

Kenta Matsushige Hyeres
Kenta is originally from Japan. He studied at La Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and graduated in 2012. From Japan he kept his sensitiveness as an artist. La Chambre Syndicale showed him how to go beyond the inspiration to transcend the existing things. A kimono or a tulip become a modern urban outfit.

Kenta Matsushige wins Hyères Première Vision Grand Jury Prize

Kenta Matsushige Hyeres Prize

Last sunday, Kenta Matsushige won the prestigious Première vision Grand Jury prize. This means several things for him. Being for the first time in Hyères, it was the moment in his career that he could measure the dimension of his talent. As many Japanese fashion designers, Kenta has an extraordinary sensitiveness under the skin. He gets very emotional when he talks about his work and you can see that he emanates an unique talent. With the prize of €15’000, he will be able to start his first complete collection that will be presented next year at the 2015 Hyères Festival.
He will also be able to collaborate with Petit Bateau in a capsule collection which will give him alot of visibility. He will be able to join a specific program developed with Chanel in which Kenta will be able to work with some luxury fashion workshops and artisans. Among these you have Lesage and Lemarié. This opportunity would contribute to the development of the young fashion designer into a state of the art approach.
Kenta Matsushige style fashion
If you wish to learn more about Hyères festival you can visit the official website here:

2014 is a great year for fashion. It is the year that the world met Kenta Matsushige. A year to remember.


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