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They say staying simple is the best way to look sophisticated. And that’s why the cowboy boot is here to stay. First things first, these boots often have the most uncomplicated look. For some reason, it is quite natural for the luxurious ones to go from regular to outstanding as soon as they step outside.

These boots come in many colors, designs, and materials which provides everyone with variety, meaning they can tickle everyone’s fancy since different people come with different tastes. Below are the reasons why the men’s square toe cowboy boots have not only taken the fashion industry by storm but aren’t going out of fashion any time soon.


Boots are Versatile

Cowboy boots don’t have a specific occasion like it’s often the case with most other shoes. For instance, most sports sneakers are best suited for casual occasions or for working out. Formal shoes are for, well, formal occasions. However, when it comes to cowboy boots, they can be worn on just about any event irrespective of whether it’s formal or informal. Also, as hinted earlier, you can expect it to look terrific on the wearer, especially if the color of the boots complement those of the outfits they are wearing.

Most Cowboy Boots Look Designer

Having cowboy boots is one of the easiest ways to add luxury to your style without spending too much. If you pay close attention, the first thing you’ll realize is that both designer cowboy boots and the ones considered regulars don’t have many distinct characteristics. Therefore, buying a regular one can still give you that expensive designer looks that everyone always wants.

They Don’t Need Much Attention

Unlike most designer or comfortable footwear, cowboy boots need the least amount of effort as far as taking care of them is concerned. Whether you’ve been out in the rain or a dry and dusty environment, you can always count on your boots to come through for you. So afterward, only a clean rag and some water will do the trick. You can then air them out to dry in the sun. However, just because they don’t need that much attention doesn’t mean you can neglect them entirely.

Cowboy Boots Are Convenient

The very few men who don’t like cowboy boots have never found themselves in a sticky situation where they had to walk in mud or water or snow for that matter. Well, cowboy boots have been designed to keep your feet protected and looking incredible on your feet even when walking on the unkindest surfaces. The latter is owing to the sturdy, waterproof soles than ends in raised heels. You can think of them as gumboots that you can walk with into a boardroom and still not look like you’re losing your mind.


They Are Unisex

If you thought that cowboy boots were meant for tough guys alone, then you thought wrong. Living in a world where gender equality is in full force, it is essential to note that girls can also wear cowboy boots and look extremely fabulous. There are those that are unisex and then those that are made for separate genders.

Those that are meant for girls are often smaller and come in cute feminine colors such as white and pink while those that are made for men are usually bigger and mostly have masculine colors such as black and brown. Unisex boots can also come in white, brown, and black, all depending on personal preferences.

Cowboy boots come with their fair share of advantages, some of which have been listed above. It is therefore not surprising that most men love their cowboy boots more than their other shoes. For starters, nothing screams toughness more than a pair of badass cowboy boots. These boots are also very durable, as earlier mentioned, and will likely outlive any other shoes in their closet. Another reason why most men love their cowboy boots is that they are mostly affordable.

Instead of spending hundreds, and in some cases even thousands of dollars for a designer pair of shoes, they can quickly get that laidback yet luxurious look for less than a hundred dollars. Lastly, if you are looking to invest in some cowboy boots, feel free to do your research online since there is much information you can use to find the boots of your dreams.

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