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Telling a tale of the inspiring first humans landed on the moon, Moon Boot has become the trendiest pair of footwear one must-have this winter.

It’s a story that never gets old. Back in 1969, some humans dared to board on a spacecraft and land on the moon! It was a giant leap for mankind, the televised live footage witnessed by millions. It was also a light bulb moment for Giancarlo Zanatta, the visionary founder and boot manufacturer of the brand Moon Boot. Inspired by the ingenious shape of the boots worn by the astronauts, he designed a pair of après-ski boots and became a legend among the boot enthusiasts.

Some 50 years on, Moon Boot remains one of the trendiest winter items one can have in their wardrobe. They are stylish, comfortable, and can be worn both in snowy terrain and on a city street. To that point, let’s find out why you must have a pair of Moon Boot shoes in your wardrobe this winter from below.

Inspiring Design to Set the Trends

Although over the years Moon Boot has developed new styles from their original legendary design, it still symbolizes the ingeniousness and irony that made it so loved in the first place. Of course, there are now more varieties – some paying homage to the classic style, while others attempting to capture the trends of the time. The result is a collection that is unique, vibrant, and suited for people of all ages.

You will find winter boots with low and high cut, with nylon and leather, with animal prints or striking colours. There are also different designs for those that go mountaineering as well as those that are moving around in urban spaces. No matter which one you choose, you are going to get noticed for your wonderful winter shoes.


Beauty with Lots of Substances

Moon Boot not only looks fashionable and trendy but also very comfortable to wear in snowy winter landscapes. Different models are available with different fits, making it easier to find a pair fits perfectly on your feet as you wear them. The upper is made with waterproof materials and protected with membranes, making them as practical as you could expect from snow boots.

There is also the classic lacing, waterproof lining, technical and rubber materials that are sure to keep your foot warm while providing extra grip and slip-resistance for challenging conditions.

Made in Italy Quality Assurance

What’s the point of investing in a pair of boots if you can’t keep wearing them for a while! To that point Moon Boot devotes a significant amount of resources to find the finest materials needed to manufacture their boots. In line with the Made in Italy tradition, the materials are then combined together with both stylistic finesse and durable techniques.

Their customer service is exemplary too, making it easier than ever to choose your favourite Moon Boot, order and get it delivered to your doorsteps.

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