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this week I could try the new BOSE Bluetooth headset. I was looking for a new bluetooth headset for my iPhone 4. I wanted a compact, comfortable, discreet and yet high performant bluetooth headset.

bose bluetooth headsets

I already tried Plantronics or even Sony-Ericsson. But there was always something wrong after a while. So I took the decision to explore a more high-end product with the BOSE Bluetooth headset.
bose bluetooth headsets

According to the Brand, this new headset was designed for:
– High quality voice communication, even if the noise levels change.
– Noise-rejecting microphone
– Comfort in your hear thanks to the StayHear technology
– Simple controls.
When I got the package, I could see a very qualitative box. It made me remind the iPhone boxes: black, soft-touch like and compact.
bose bluetooth headsetbose bluetooth headset
When you open the box, you get the most compact, small bluetooth headset ever. It is very discret and definitely gives you a James Bond touch or a Will Smith, Men in Black thing. 2 different electric plug adaptors are proposed and a USB charger too (this one is a clever one).
The first time you wonder how you place it in your hear as it has this very impressive technology. But once you understand how it works, this is just amazing. The Stayhear technology from BOSE, allows you to keep the headset in place and keep you comfortable. This is appreciated, especially if your conversation lasts for hours. 3 sizes for your hear: S, M, L. Personally I took the small one as I have small hears 🙂
bose stayhearbose headset

The BOSE bluetooth technology is very performant. You can basically let your iPhone somewhere in your office and walk around with no problems. A special black pouch is delivered with the product, so you can keep your device safe. In terms of batteries autonomy, the BOSE headset accepts 4,5 hours in communication and according to the constructor 1 week of standby. I would say that 4,5 hours conversation is not so much as this can easily go down in a business mobile day. But it is the price to pay for such a slick and compact product. If you are driving, you can always recharge batteries with a special USB car charger (bought separately).

What do you think?