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In history, there was always something very valuable that would rule the relationships between people or countries. Sometimes it was gold, or spices, since the 70’s it is Oil and lately Lithium. But the biggest luxury of all, that will probably become very exclusive, rare and almost elitist is…. WATER. Discover this month EcoAkua, a Swiss innovative brand that brings to the market a new ecological solution to save our precious liquid. When cutting edge technology protects our mother nature.



Interesting facts about water:

  • it covers 71% of our planet’s surface
  • 96.5% of water is found in seas and oceans
  • Only 2.5% of the Earth’s water is freshwater
  • 1 Billion people in our planet do not have access to safe-water.
  • Experts say that by 2025, 50% of world population will face water-based vulnerability
  • 70% of fresh water used by humans goes on Agriculture.


As we can see, water is, and will be more and more, the precious element of our lives. Even more than gold, diamonds or oil. Without water there will be no life. It is as basic as that. And until we find a way to explore the water reserves hidden under the surface of Saturn moons, we should probably start thinking intelligently about the water we have here on earth.

That is why EcoAkua dedicated its mission to bring you a reliable, sustainable and ecological solution for saving water. It is safe for the environment and for anyone.


The idea is simple. The Swiss company invested time and money to create a natural technology, biodegradable that will capture up to 300 times its weight of water. So all the water used to watering plants will not evaporate or vanish in the ground. It will remain close by your plants. This is an amazing breakthrough as you can save huge amount of water thanks to this process. On a small scale, this means you can go on holidays up to 4 weeks and your plants will not die thanks to the water reserve that EcoAkua product will provide.


In a large scale, imagine how many liters it is requested to keep a Golf field green? Especially in dry areas like middle east, Africa or South America. A part from activities like Golf, of course growing green plants in arid areas will be easier and less costly. So possibilities are huge.

So how does it works? EcoAkua just created a video to explain the process. It is very easy to use and it will last between 5 to 10 years without renewing the product.

You have all the details and how to purchase online this amazing technology on the brand official website:

The product is delivered in little protective bags. It is a very thin powder. Each bag costs 4€ which is a fair price for such amazing product.

You can also join the EcoAkua community on Facebook by clicking on the logo here below:

So do something on your daily life to protect your planet and save the precious liquid water. Mother Earth will thank you endlessly.


Info sourced at Luxuryactivist exclusive interview of EcoAkua, wikipedia and the brand official website. All content is copyrighted with no reproduction rights available.