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Inviting people to your party can be quite demanding, especially if it’s your first time doing so. There are many factors to keep in mind, including time, venue, and theme. Many people would like to make their first-party a perfect one, and that’s understandable. However, as they strive to do so, they end up messing everything up. Therefore, the trick is not to perfect every bit of your party but to do the basic things in the right manner.

So, what are the basic factors to keep in mind?  Well, apart from the venue setup, time, and theme, you’ll need to send invitations to the right people. As easy as it might sound, that’s where many people start failing. This article aims to discuss some of the most crucial factors to consider as you prepare to send online holiday invitations to a select group of people.

Create A Detailed Invitation Card

One of the most important things to do as you plan to invite people is to create a detailed invitation card and send it to the desired persons. There are several things you can include in the card, but here are some of the most basic ones:

  • Theme: To attract many people, your party should have a purpose and theme. For instance, if you’re hosting your child’s birthday party, then the invitation card should send that exact message. How you design it should clearly represent the theme of the party. Therefore, be keen on the language you use, the pictures you attach, and the colours used to design the card. Remember, the first impression is what will either attract or send away your invitees.
  • Date: You should also include the time and date of the party. It’s always recommended that you send the invitation early enough, at least two weeks before the big day. This way, people will be able to plan ahead and adjust their schedule accordingly.
  • Venue: Another important detail that must be in the invitation card is the place where the party will be held. Whether it’s in your home or at a rented space, you must type the exact location. If there are requirements that must be presented for one to access the venue, then be sure to include that piece of information to avoid any inconveniences.

Send Mailed Invitations

Once you’ve designed your invitation cards, you can go ahead and send them to the recipients through various applicable means. The most common method, however, is ‘snail mail,’ which can take several days to be processed, transported, and delivered. This is another reason why you should send your written invitations early enough. 

As you prepare to start the mailing process, make sure you have the current address of all your friends and family members. This way, you won’t be frustrated in the last minute when someone says they didn’t receive your letter. 

Use Online Invitations

With the advancement of technology, there are more methods of sending your invitations apart from the normal paper-reliant modes. The paperless techniques were not only introduced to help preserve the environment, but to also enhance the communication process. You can either create cards or flyers, then share them with your desired recipients. 

Therefore, as you plan to host a dinner party or any other entertainment-related event, you can find a good online invitations portal then start designing your card. Once done with the designing process, most of these websites will give you an option of syncing your contacts lists, which then makes it easier to add the names of those you’re planning to invite. 

Invite People Over The Phone

Another popular mode of invitation that you can use is a phone call. All you need here is a list of your desired invitees and some airtime. The biggest advantage of this method is the fact that the information is delivered quite quickly. You’ll also get the recipient’s feedback immediately, hence, enhancing your planning process. 

Using phone calls to make your invitations can, however, be quite disadvantageous if you’re keen on cutting down the costs. Apart from being time consuming, you might need to use a lot of money to call all your guests. Another disadvantage is the fact that some people can easily forget the details of the party, especially if you call them weeks before the event. Keep in mind that everyone has something that keeps them busy everyday; therefore, they can easily forget whatever you’ve told them verbally. As such, it’s always a good practice to accompany those calls with a text message stating the important details.

Consider The Number Of Guests

Inasmuch as it can be quite easy to invite people to your party, it’s also important that you consider the count. How many guests can you handle?  This is one thing that can be quite tough to decide, especially if you’re holding the event for the first time. The article has, so far, been focusing on the ways of inviting guests, but the number of invites is also something worth mentioning.

As you plan your party, make sure you know how many people your budget can serve. Sometimes, people are excited to invite all of their friends, relatives, and former classmates. Of course, this is a good gesture, but it can also turn out to be such a huge mistake if some guests miss out on the main entertainment. For instance, if drinks or desserts run out, it can be quite a bad experience for some guests. 


There are several ways to invite people to your next big party. It is, however, up to you to decide which method best fits your needs. Phone calls, for instance, can be quite costly and may not be ideal for an event comprised of many guests. Therefore, your best bets in such cases include paperless and mail invitations. Be sure to assess your budget and the number of invited people before deciding on the mode of invitation to use. 

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