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Nothing is as unfashionable as lightning-streak cracks on your phone screen or a drained bank account because you unexpectedly had to replace your broken phone. For the handheld gadget a few inches away at all times, a protective case is necessary to serve as a safety bumper. Yet, as smartphones continue to evolve, so do phone cases, and these cases have become more than just durable phone protectors.

In “Phone Cases: The New It Fashion Accessory” on, Meenal Mistry, fashion director of Off Duty in @WSJ, explains that “your phone is the one possession that can be visible all day long” and “whatever you use to encase it becomes a defining personal statement.” The phone serves as a mini personal computer and communication device, as the phone cover accents your phone as a fashionable accessory. Your phone case is just another creative piece for self-expression that can be stylishly interchanged just like your handbag and lipstick collection. If your phone needs an updated look, personalize it with these phone case styles:

Kooky and Clever

Make a bold statement by showing off a phone case with a sense of humor — witty and fun phone cases designed to look like anything but a phone. Famed designer Jeremy Scott takes his cheeky and ironic approach to fashion with unconventional phone case designs such as a spray paint can, French fry and ice-cream pop. Accessorizing with a phone case designed to be a chocolate bar, hot dog, soft drink or sunglasses can also give your phone a humorous edge. Perhaps your phone’s case is an outlet for letting loose and welcoming your goofier side.

Dressed to Impress

If your phone acts as more of a source for business, you probably prefer a case designed with minimal sophistication and maximum efficiency. Adopted, a company that designs genuine leather and fabric skins for phones, offers expertly crafted leather folio cases in neutral hues and leather wrap cases for a more casually colorful, yet professional look. The Verus Wallet Case in black, brown or red provides enhanced security with a magnetic closure tab. The soft-coated shell also adds a sense of comfort while you check emails on your HTC One M9.

Prints & Patterns

Give your phone personality by decorating it with charming prints and patterns. Vintage cacti, black-and-white checkered and chic gold polka dot reflect a style of whimsy, whereas leopard and paw prints can bring out the wild in you. For an earthy vibe, dress your phone in patterned hues found in nature or a print replicating natural stone. Collect a variety of cases to use like charms on your bracelet. Use a different case on your phone to match a certain look or represent your mood.


Rather than accessorize your phone with a stylish case, actually turn your phone into an accessory. Pursecase is a phone case elegantly designed as a petite clutch. As seen on ABC’s Shark Tank, Pursecase maximizes space by holding your phone and safeguarding cash, cards and your ID in a pocket. Wear the case’s sleek chain as arm candy and hit the town, conveniently carrying only your essentials. Complement your outfit with a pursecase in fashionable colors blush, nautical, periwinkle or turquoise.

Designer Wristlet

For a day of travel or an afternoon date, toss your phone into a smartphone wristlet. A designer wristlet is the miniature version of your favorite handbag that’s on-the-go, yet classically stylish. The Kerrington Smartphone Wristlet by Tory Burch becomes a fashionable focal point with its racing stripes-inspired graphic bands of color. Multiple pockets and compartments secured by a zip enclosure provide a reliable space for your phone and cards. Kate Spade and Coach also offer designer wristlets for conveniently carrying your phone and essentials while strolling city streets or heading to a dinner date.