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Every year we wonder what kind of video will enter the top 5 most viewed videos on youtube. This video channel became in less than 10 years to biggest video broadcasting in the world. The key figures:

  • 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute
  • 800 million users
  • 4 billion hours of video viewing  every month
  • The number of videos uploaded on youtube in 60 days is bigger than the number of videos created by the3 most important TV networks in the USA within the past 60 years
  • The youtube search bar has more searches than Bing + Yahoo together

Many of these videos are music related. Several artists got now more than 1 billion views on youtube. The first artist to cross the mythical line of 1 billion views was Lady Gaga. Here are the 4 biggest artists on youtube (based on their number of views):

  1. Justin Bieber with 3,128,230,062 views
  2. Rihanna with 3,022,566,368 views
  3. Lady Gaga with 2,321,303,652 views
  4. Eminem with 2,138,192,103 views

And here are the top 5 most viewed videos ever (until November 15th).

1- PSY with Gangnam Style

2- Jutin Bieber with Baby ft. Ludacris

3- Jennifer Lopez with On the Floor ft. Pitbull

4- Eminem with Love the way you Lie ft. Rihanna

5- LMFAO with PArty Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett

Only here with this 5 videos we have more than 3,2 billion views.
We wonder which one is going to be the next big hit!



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