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Hundreds of years ago when kings lived in castles, moats, drawbridges and all manner of unpleasant defences protected those who resided within their stone walls. Today we don’t normally throw hot oil down on intruders and if we have a go with a bow and arrow, we would probably be arrested for attempted murder. Luckily there are lots of useful tech gadgets available to make our homes a safer place and protect our family from harm. So if you are concerned about home safety and security, here are a few gadgets you might like to consider investing in.

Remote Video Monitoring

The Nest Cam is a nice piece of kit from Google. At first glance it looks like a small webcam, but although it is a camera, the device is a lot more intelligent than a webcam. A Nest Cam can be placed anywhere in the home, either on a table or mounted on the wall, and thanks to a continuous ‘live feed’ you can log in to see what’s happening at home from anywhere in the world. The device is intelligent enough to tell whether it’s looking at a cat in the garden or a burglar, but if it does see anything suspicious, it will send an alert to your smartphone.


Two-Way Audio and Video Feed

The Piper camera performs a similar service. You can position the camera in your home and use it to keep an eye on who is doing what while you are not at home. So if your teenagers are home alone and you are concerned that Project X is about to unfold, tune in and catch them out. The great thing about Piper is that it offers a two-way audio, which allows you to chat to pets left home alone – your cats need never be lonely again!


Smart Smoke Alarm

Cheap smoke alarms can be seriously annoying at times. The moment you burn a slice of toast, you have to put up with a shrill beeping for ages (or until you disconnect the battery). The same thing happens if the battery needs replacing – a shrill beeping continues until you pop a new battery in. Not surprisingly, some people disconnect their smoke alarm rather than fix the problem, which then means they are vulnerable.

A smart Nest Protect is a combined smoke and CO alarm. It protects the home, but is not too annoying. If a pan boils dry and begins to burn, Nest Protect alerts you with a human voice command. And if a fire breaks out, it gives you useful information to help you act quickly. This device should be adequate for most homes, but if you want a more sophisticated smoke protection system, look at

Smart Light Bulbs

There is now a new breed of light bulbs that can be controlled with a simple app, so you can change the colour of lights to give the impression someone is at home even when they are not.


Thanks to the wonders of technology, it has never been so easy to keep our homes safe. So keep an eye on the latest tech developments and invest in your family’s health and safety. They’re worth it!


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