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Are you travelling around the world visiting stunning locations, but only share your experiences and photos with loved ones? Well with that in mind, have you ever thought about sharing this aspect of your life with a larger audience? Well, you don’t need a website or specialist platform to do that – it can all be done from the comfort of Facebook. After all, Facebook is used by many adults in the Western world. You are also no doubt well-versed with how this social media platform functions. So if you want to create a casual blog of sorts, Facebook is one of the best options available for doing that. However, there are various things to consider for growing your Facebook travel page.

Produce an enticing cover

Considering a cover is the first impression you have with people on Facebook, it is not exaggerating when saying that it is one of the most important facets of creating a successful page. If your cover photo doesn’t spell out clearly what your account is about, it could discourage viewers from venturing any further. So even if your content is exactly what they’re looking for, they wouldn’t have given it a chance based purely on the cover. As for how to produce a great cover, you can do this even if you don’t possess any real graphic design skills. For example, you could use a free Facebook cover maker that does all the work essentially – you just have to put the jigsaw together into an appealing package for potential visitors.

Create interesting content

As a travel page, you should be posting about the places you visit. While this is fine on its own, being transparent with your content is a popular way to tempt users into reading the entire post. By being transparent, this means sharing real stories from your own personal point of view – being real creates an extra level of connection with your visitors. Furthermore, don’t be scared to share a picture of yourself so that people can put a face to the stories.


Use videos and pictures

On top of creating interesting written content, using videos and pictures will further enhance the engagement of users. After all, it is common knowledge that visual content is more effective than the written word – for example, four times as many customers would rather watch a video than read about a product. Regarding what pictures to use, stunning panoramic shots of a city and interesting architecture will interest any travel enthusiast. However, adding some text and interesting info about the picture might well help even further with gaining attention.

Encourage interaction

Having content on your page is one thing, but getting people to respond is a whole different ballgame. Now interesting posts should result in visitors sending positive comments, yet there are ways to attract interaction further. For example, you could ask for readers to post about their own experiences, or encourage them to ask any questions they may have about your posts. Moreover, don’t just let these comments rest below your content – reply to them and show you’re willing to interact on a personal level.


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