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Ulysse Nardin logo
The luxury brand Ulysse Nardin, presented last month at Baselworld its new mobile creation. Do you know this brand ?

Founder, watchmaker Ulysse Nardin, was an accomplished watchmaker who studied horology under his father, Leonard-

Ulysse Nardin
Ulysse Nardin

Frederic Nardin, Frederic William Dubois and Louis Jean Richard-dit-Bressel, in Switzerland. Before the advent of quartz timepieces, merchant and military ships relied on highly accurate mechanical timepieces known as marine chronometers. The best known of these was the M,GR.F model by Ulysse Nardin. Similar of this model, were used by Hamilton to supply the US Navy and by Seiko for the Japanese navy. Of the 4,504 certificates for marine chronometers issued 4,324 were issued to Ulysse Nardin (Lucien F Trueb, Watchtime).

Rolf Schnyder
Rolf Schnyder

In 1983 Ulysse Nardin was acquired by businessman Rolf Schnyder who, in conjunction with watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, relaunched the brand with other investors. Schnyder, Oechslin and the staff of Ulysse Nardin, design and create complication timepieces using modern materials and manufacturing techniques. The base movement used on all version of complication watches is the ETA.

Today Ulysse Nardin proposes the best and exceptional mobile phones in the world in terms of luxury and added-value. Each mobile phone has a watch automatic mecanism that allows us to charge the phone battery just by the movement of the mobile phone inside a pocket or in a bag.
Here some images of the latest Chairman model, 1,843 units available all around the world.
With the new Chairman line, the brand hopes to connect to the world of Timepieces. Of course not everybody will be able to buy a Ulysse Nardin watch in the future but it is a good example of state of art.

Source: Wikipedia