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Buying roses for someone means they must be special since they’re pretty much considered the diamonds of all flowers. Indeed, when you gift someone a pretty bouquet of roses — no matter the color — you’re showing the recipient just how much they mean to you.

Over the years, if you’ve received different color roses and don’t know what they symbolize, or you’re thinking of buying some for that special someone in your life, here’s a guide to 13 rose color shades and their significance. This way, you can say what you mean and mean what you say, or correctly decipher whatever message you’re receiving.

1. Red Rose

Considered one of the most popular rose colors, red roses symbolize love. It’s no wonder people send them to their loved ones on Valentine’s Day and for anniversaries and other special occasions. Red-colored roses also symbolize passion, beauty, courage, enduring romance and energy.

2. White Roses

White roses are meant to symbolize youthfulness, purity and innocence, which is why you see so many brides using white roses or simply the color white throughout their ceremony. It’s because white roses are associated with young love and eternal loyalty.

3. Blue Roses

Blue roses symbolize mystery, dreams unlikely to be realized and the impossible. If you give someone a blue rose, you’re indicating to them how amazing and unique they are. They’re also perfect for non-traditional women.

4. Pink Roses

Pink roses symbolize grace, femininity, sweetness and elegance, making them a great gift for teachers, siblings, parents, friends and colleagues. In other words, send pink roses to someone in appreciation of something they’ve done for you.

5. Yellow Roses

In Victorian times, the yellow rose symbolized jealousy, but these days beautiful yellow roses symbolize joy and friendship. They can also be used to express gladness, warmth, affection and delight.

6. Peach Roses

Peach roses symbolize gratitude, modesty, sincerity and genuineness. Giving peach roses would be a great idea for a simple “thank you,” or for sending best wishes to family and friends. Peach flowers would also work for closing a business deal.


7. Purple Roses

Purple is the color of royalty, so it only makes sense that purple roses symbolize royalty, opulence and majestic glory. You can send purple roses to a friend, relative or colleague who has recently lost someone close to them.

8. Black Roses

Black roses usually signify something negative, like an omen, but they can also be seen as a new beginning. That’s because they sometimes bloom into purple or red flowers. All in all, though, avoid giving black roses to someone (unless you’re going on a spooky Halloween date).

9. Ivory Roses

Ivory roses are similar to white roses, but they mean something completely different. They represent charm, gracefulness and thoughtfulness. Give ivory roses to let someone know you care about them (without any romantic connotations).

10. Orange Roses

Different than peach roses, orange roses are a deeper orange color and stand for energy, enthusiasm, fascination and desire. You can give someone orange roses when you’re proud of something they accomplished, as these roses also symbolize excitement and admiration. Additionally, they’re also great for celebrating a beautiful summer romance.

11. Lavender Roses

Lavender roses are known for symbolizing enchantment and splendor. They’re great to send to a secret crush or a former lover you’ve been trying to get back.

12. Green Roses

The color green symbolizes fertility and rejuvenation. That’s why green roses can symbolize bounty, richness and abundance. This color has also been known to have the ability to impart peace, stability and balance to the human mind. Give someone a green rose when you want to surprise them or put a smile on their face.

13. Multi-Colored Roses

If you want to send several different messages all at once, you can always opt for mixed colors when you buy a rose bouquet. Figure out what it is you want to say and choose the appropriate colors.

Picking the Perfect Color

Roses come in multiple colors — and, as you’ve just read, they all mean different things. So, if you want to send the right message when buying a certain color bouquet of roses — or if you recently received some and want to decipher what they represent —  this short guide can help and then some.

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