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COVID-19 has been cruel to many aspects of our daily lives, and relationships aren’t an exception. Most couples, especially young ones, sort for divorce at alarmingly high rates. According to research, interest in divorce increased by 34% between March and June 2020 compared to the previous year. Being stuck in the house, possibly homeschooling kids in financially uncertain times added weight to already struggling relationships. 

Couples that withstood the torrid waves had to adapt and employ new approaches to save their relationships. And even with the vaccine development, we’re still uncertain about when we’ll have our old-normal back. With that in mind, here are three tips to help you improve your relationship amid the pandemic:

I. Be Creative 

Variety is the spice of life, and spontaneity in a relationship is essential. Going to the same restaurant for brunch every Sunday can be a relationship tradition, but it can get boring over time. And while there are numerous ways to pepper your relationship with new experiences, doing it post-COVID is challenging. Most eateries, theatres, and sporting stadiums are closed, and there’s isn’t much to experiment with. What’s more, couples with small kids have their hands full, with very little time for each other. 

So, how do you keep things exciting and spontaneous during COVID-19? Well, pick a random activity that best suits your relationship and actualize it. Whether it’s an unexpected date night, a walk at the park, make use of every free time you have with each other. You can even organize for adventurous dates like rock climbing or camping – accomplishing challenging tasks together strengthens relationship bonds while rekindling love. 

And if you have kids that can be left in the house on their own, even better. If not, you might have to go on a family expedition. Essentially, be spontaneous and make time for each other as much as possible. 

Image par Karen Warfel de Pixabay 

II. Fight Better

Disagreements are an essential part of any healthy relationship. However, these arguments must be fair and constructive without personal and divisive attacks. If you disagree on something, set a time to talk about it with your partner. It doesn’t have to be instant – taking a break, in most cases, helps emotions to simmer down so you can have a more constructive conversation. Most importantly: Be specific and clear. Ensure you address the issue and not the person. Adress the particular behavior you have a problem with and avoid criticism or judgment. This clears the hostility and creates a culture of open communication, where both partners can express themselves freely.

Take responsibility. If you’ve done something wrong, acknowledge the wrongdoing and apologize. Apologizing re-establishes dignity in a relationship, helping your partner feel better and comfortable around you again. 

Adress one issue at a time. In most cases, arguments go off-topic, especially when one partner doesn’t want to take responsibility. In other instances, piling problems can lead to an eruption, making it difficult to solve the problem at hand. So, focus on the current issue and only move to the next one when you’ve reconciled. 

III. Revamp Your Love Life

While most couples might have experienced a surge in sexual activity after the pandemic, the numbers gradually fell, especially after it became clear the virus was going to stay around for longer than previously thought. Being stuck in the house with a partner in an uncertain world bred more conflicts among couples, leading to less sexual activity. A study by Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute reported a 43% decline in quality of sex among the participants since the pandemic started. 

So, how do you improve your love life, even as we carry on with the virus? I recommend setting a time for sex. Most times, we tend to lose track of time and end up shoving sex to the side. Making time for it allows you to prepare and make the most out of the experience. While at it, you can think of ways to spice up the sex, including sliding in massage sessions, roleplaying, and other thrilling activities. Try as much to make the experience different and exciting every time. 

Lastly, consider getting one or two adult toys to induce spice in the bedroom. There are numerous sex toys for couples to choose from, like vibrators and G-spot stimulators that induce a buzz during sex for a more satisfying experience. The best thing about it is you don’t have to break the bank, but please put some thoughts into the material before buying one. 

And that’s it. COVID has derailed our daily lives over the past year. Navigating through a relationship can be especially hard with the uncertainty and frustration the pandemic has brought. All is not lost, though, and there’s a lot we can do to improve our relationships. So, be creative, fight fairly, and revamp your sex life.  

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