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A great deal of time is spent on detailed prep, like personalised wedding invitations, flowers and décor, leading up to the day that you wed your beloved. As your wedding day approaches, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed, stressed and anxious about the main event. 

When you’re consumed with concerns, it’s not possible to live in the moment and to savour and enjoy very aspect of the romantic and magical wedding day experience.

If your big day is looming, follow our 5 practical tips to ensure that you’re calm and able to carry on to celebrate the beginning of your happy life together…

1. Hire The Very Best

To ensure that you’re able to relax on your wedding day, it’s highly recommended that you hire the best team of vendors and suppliers to professionally execute it. If you can afford to hire the services of an experienced wedding planner, they will take good care of everything for you. Important wedding day tasks, such as organizing the catering, entertainment, photographer/videographer, and wedding venue décor will be expertly managed by your wedding planner so that you can calmly enjoy your nuptials.

If you’re getting hitched on a tight budget, make sure that you choose professional and experienced wedding vendors that are skilled and reliable. Ask a loyal and trustworthy friend to help you out, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of wedding planning and organising that’s required for you to have your dream wedding. 

Cover the possible small wedding emergencies that may crop up, on your big day, by having an emergency item kit available, and a to-do list that a member of your bridal party can take charge of.

When choosing personalised wedding invitations, and other items of chic wedding stationery, select the finest quality paper, card and design, to create a luxurious romantic vibe.

2. Prep Your Wedding Attire


It’s absolutely essential that you ensure that you’re comfortable on your wedding day. The discomfort of new shoes, or lingerie that cuts into you, can ruin your enjoyment of the big day.

It’s therefore vital that you and your future spouse prep your wedding attire prior to tying the knot. Breaking in your elegant and stylish wedding shoes, by wearing them around the house in the weeks leading up to the big day, can minimise aching feet and blisters at your wedding.

If you’re wearing a stunning strapless wedding gown, and an ill-fitting bra that cuts into your chest, you won’t be comfortable or able to enjoy the experience of the first dance with your new spouse. Make sure that your luxurious designer lingerie fits perfectly and comfortably under your wedding dress by slipping on the ensemble for a pre-wedding dance around your living room.

3. Take Time For Yourself

Once you’ve mailed out your personalised wedding invitations to family and friends, the weeks leading up to your wedding day will disappear in a flash! To ensure that you’re calm and composed, and able to carry on with the myriad of wedding prep tasks listed in your wedding planner, it’s important to take time for yourself.


Whenever you feel over burdened, taking timeout away from everything that is wedding related, can help you ground yourself so that you’re able to carry on arranging and organising.

On the big day, it’s a lovely and beneficial idea to retreat to your bridal suite, or a private area of the wedding venue, with your spouse to bask in the romance of newlywed bliss. Steal a smooch with your partner for the first time, while your wedding guests enjoy chilled champagne and canapés.

4. Have Some Coping Strategies        

If you’re prone to feeling anxious, it really helps to minimize stress by having some coping strategies in place. Before your wedding day arrives, take time to identify your anxiety triggers and needs. Sit in a quiet space and enjoy a cup of herbal tea, while listening to soothing music. Spend some time focusing on the little things that make you feel instantly calm, without worrying about anything else. On your wedding day, be mindful as you engage with the activities that you have planned and scheduled for your big day. Your coping strategy can include regular retreat ‘breaks’ away from the company of your wedding guests if you need time to regroup.


Check-in with your spouse, to make sure they are also coping with all of the demands of your wedding day celebrations. Make sure that you don’t forget to eat, as feelings of anxiety and stress can be magnified when you’re hungry. 

5. Live In The Moment

Your wedding day is the single most important day of your life when you should relish living in the moment. Keep your emotions, and high expectations of the main event, in check by mindfully being present. Let your partner know how much this day means to you by writing them a little love note that they can open once you are married.

Guests who have received your beautiful personalised wedding invitations will be eager to join you on your special day. Whilst it’s lovely to be surrounded by everyone that you love, it’s important to remember that it’s not your responsibility to ensure that every person enjoys your wedding. Cherish the special moments as you mingle with your guests, and live in the moment as a calm, serene and deliriously happy newlywed.

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