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Renewing our homes has never been as desirable as it is now. There is a rising demand for making our homes more comfortable and carrying a resemblance to our styles and souls. However, the tendency to throw our old items and buy new ones whenever we feel the desire for upgrades, whether justifiable or not, has cost our planet Earth a lot. 

However, we think that there are ways that can enable us to upgrade our houses without harming our environment. Changing your floor is one of the things that can have drastic effects on how your home looks and feels. There are many flooring options out there that can give us stunning results but would, unfortunately, harm our environment. However, it does not have to be that way, with technological advancements taking place all around us there are now ways that can help us hit two birds with one stone and have a stylish house with a low carbon footprint. Here are some ways with which you can make that happen : 

1. Tiles 

Tiles are not only for bathrooms, they can be used for every room in your house. With many colors and sizes, adding tiles to your house can be a refreshing touch. Tiles can be one of the many ways to add that pop of color you have always wanted to your home. To top your tiles with a carpet or not would be totally up to you. Nowadays, there are tiles that are made using recycled materials, you can find glass tiles made from recycled wine and beer bottles! You won’t have to worry about the stains of course or changing it often as it does not mold when the weather is damp. 

2. Good Old Carpets With A New Vibe

Carpets were the go-to option for a long period of time. They are now back in trend especially with the availability of sustainable carpets. They are also very soft and that makes them comfortable to sit or walk barefoot on. And of course, they come in all colors imaginable, so they can be easily integrated into your decor and themes. 

3. Use Concrete Floors 

Concrete floors are not as dull as they used to be. They now have patterns that reflect all the sophistication you would want while being eco-friendly. Companies that produce concrete floors offer a range of options for you to choose from and can help you pick the one that suits your needs the best, these experts promise you will find quality that is less expensive than other options and they are stain-resistant as well. Also, the idea that concrete floors are slippery is false because they can be made in a way that is slip-resistant. 

4. Bamboo Flooring 

There is a misconception about bamboo that it is as unsustainable as wood, and it causes threats to the environment. However, this is far from the truth. Bamboo is part of the grass family that grows back rapidly unlike trees that take decades to fully mature. It feels very nice to walk on bamboo flooring, and they can be refinished as well. 

5. Rubber Floors 

This type is perfect for gyms and playgrounds, but it found its way to kitchens and bathrooms as well. Rubber floors are made of recycled tires that cause major environmental threats when they are just thrown away in dumpsters. They are also water-resistant, so that is another plus. You can also use them for your kids’ room as they will be a great option since they will absorb the pressure from any fall they might be subjected to while playing or running around. Don’t worry they also come in different colors, so they won’t make the kid’s room boring or lifeless. 

6. Artificial Grass

Not having a house with a garden does not mean you don’t get to enjoy a garden-like vibe. Artificial grass is a great option for balconies, porches, and even rooftops. There are many sizes and shapes that are hard to differentiate from real grass, and it is very easy to clean. Throw in some patio furniture, and you have got yourself a beautiful outdoor space that you can enjoy whenever the weather is suitable.

mage par Michal Jarmoluk de Pixabay 

There were times when making the right choice and caring about our planet earth meant totally sacrificing taste and style. But these times are over, now you can easily choose something that can be beautiful, useful, and eco-friendly as well. With just a small search you can find an option that satisfies your aesthetic desires and makes you feel good at the same time.

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