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This year has shown us how valuable teachers truly are, and how much they do for our children. This Christmas you should get your child’s teacher a gift to show your appreciation. You don’t have to break the bank with it, even little signs of appreciation can go a long way. You can get some great gift ideas right here. 

Sweet Treats 

You can’t really go wrong with a sweet treat at Christmas time, can you? You can keep it simple and get them a box of chocolates. If you want to add that extra thoughtful touch, you should get them personalised chocolates. Or, if you’ve got the time and are a whiz in the kitchen, you could make your own gift goodies. Think festive: like gingerbread or Christmas cookies. Confectionery presents always go down an absolute treat.


Bath Products 

Teachers have been working extra hard this year, so you could give them the gift of relaxation. Get your kid’s teacher some bath products that will allow them to switch off and enjoy the peace and quiet. Bath bombs, scented candles, and face masks can create such a calm evening in. A pamper hamper – no matter how big or small – would be a welcome gift this year. 

Tea / Coffee

Let’s face it: one kid can be a handful, let alone 30 of them. Teachers definitely need all the energy they can get to help them through the day. You could treat your child’s teacher to some much-needed caffeine. There’s plenty of tea and coffee gifts out there. You could also get in touch with your local cafes and see if they’re selling bags of coffee or tea to help support local businesses. 


Heartfelt Gifts

Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show a teacher how much you value their work. The best gifts don’t always have a big budget behind them. This year you and your child could write a letter to the teacher explaining just how much their work has helped. You could even get in touch with the other parents and come together as a group. You could all write notes and fill a jar with reasons why the teacher is appreciated. Tug on the heartstrings rather than your purse strings. 


Teachers have gone above and beyond to help our kids this year and their efforts definitely deserve some recognition. What do you think you’ll get your children’s teacher this year? 

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